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The age-old tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand is believed to have originated from the Romans and Egyptians.  Did you know there is a reason why people wear the band on the ring finger of the left hand? “Vena Amoris”, a vein, also known as the “Vein of Love”, runs through the finger and the vein connects directly to the heart. Indeed a perfect finger to wear the ring of companionship and love.

Wedding ring: a peek into history

A love sentiment worth a billion dollars, the age old tradition of exchanging of wedding rings dates back to almost 4800 years originating from ancient Egyptian times. The ring, then made out of papyrus, reed and other similar materials symbolised the circle of eternity, having no beginning and no end, in many ancient cultures other than Egyptian. However, the materials that the rings were made from did not last long. Subsequently, they started making rings out of bone, leather or ivory. Today these rings are made from precious metals like gold, white gold and platinum.

BlueStone’s stunning collection wedding ring collection

All our wedding ring designs spell style and elegance and come in different trends - Classic, Contemporary Fusion and Traditional designs.

Wedding bands for her and him

BlueStone offers a wide range of couple bands with the same design such that the feeling of “made for each other” is clearly reflected. Our bands give life to the meaning of “Two bodies and one soul”. One of our classic favourites is “THE DUAL SONATA RING FOR HER” and “THE DUAL SONATA RING FOR HIM.  Made out of a combination of white and gold, with two delicate and beautiful diamonds, these bands will create a unique meaning for the wearers. Modern, yet traditional, these rings will complement that classy engagement ring on the bride’s finger.

However if a couple wishes to design and buy wedding rings online, according to their specifications, we have an exclusive choice for them too.

Diamond wedding rings

A diamond is forever. A stone that is forever set in the circle of eternity brings a magical aura for the bride and groom. A symbol of everlasting love that is precious and pure as the material the band is made out of. These rings are ideal for both daily wear and special occasions.

One of the hot favourites is “THE SPARKLING BEAUTY RING” listed under the Wedding Diamond Ring Collection. It is a ring made of small diamonds set around a white gold band, highlighting the beautiful solitaire diamond set in the centre of the mount.

We customise weddings rings as per the client’s specifications. They can buy wedding ring designs online too.

Anyone looking to get the perfect wedding bands can look up the designs and wedding ring prices online.

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