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White Gold Rings

From the time, immemorial, rings have been a point of attraction for the entire human race. The piece of jewellery that anyone notices is the necklace and the finger ring! You just cannot miss out on the two, no matter how much you try. That’s the kind of appeal jewellery has on people!

Rings come in so many designs and are crafted by using some unique combinations of jewels. The material used to craft these rings also varies widely from silver to gold, and from platinum to white gold; Platinum being costliest amongst the lot and the rarest.

Why White Gold was introduced

Platinum was durable and during the World War II, the Governments understood its durability factor and decided to use it for strategic purposes only! Thus, there was a ban on the rare metal, leaving jewellers helpless. They learned that mixing Nickel, Palladium or Zinc to Gold, the yellow hue of gold would get a whitish appearance. That’s how white gold was introduced. White gold rings price made it an instant hit amongst the common people.

24k Gold

Pure Gold 24K, as we know is a yellow coloured, but it is very soft and expensive out of which jewellery cannot be made. To convert gold into a jewellery, which is also affordable, an alloy is made from various other metals, so don’t be taken aback by surprise as the jewellery you are wearing is definitely not 24 kt Gold. The same hold true for white gold jewellery as well. As white gold is a mix of gold and other metals, it cannot be 24k pure!

White Gold Rings: Must-have Accessory

We cannot do without having any accessory complementing our attire. And one of the most important accessories that women cannot do without, are the rings! White gold rings give the jewellery lovers a dual reason to rejoice, one getting the look of the white metal and the other not parting from their love for gold! White gold rings are usually associated with the promise of love and togetherness.

White gold ring designs are usually topped with diamonds, which makes them desirable! There are usually available in various cuts and patterns.

Buy White Gold Ring Designs: Variety in Designs and Cuts

The white gold ring with prong diamond setting is the best possible engagement ring or wedding ring that one can buy! The ring has authentic diamonds in the shape of a round floral design. The combination of dazzling diamonds and white gold gives the ring a delicate appeal.

Another popular design is the white gold ring with dual floral patterns. The ring covers the entire part of the finger, making it look fuller and elegant. This ring works best with traditional Indian as well as Indo-western attire.

For jewellery lovers who cannot part with gold jewellery, usually, prefer the white gold ring that has a gold band along with a beautifully-shaped design that has small diamonds engraved in it. The combination of diamonds, white gold, and gold, makes it completely irresistible!

Another ring design that stands out, is the diamond-studded ring with a big square diamond in the centre. The ring has two layers of small diamonds, neatly placed one after the other. The craftsmanship that is evident in this design will blow your mind.

Buy White Gold Rings Online: Offerings at BlueStone

The advent of online shopping has made life simpler for all of us. And when it comes to jewellery shopping, one needs to visit every jewellery store in the neighbourhood, before coming to any conclusion. So, with online jewellery store BlueStone, you can browse through various categories of jewellery along, select the piece that appeals to you, try it before finalising the piece and then make the payment. One can buy white gold rings online at BlueStone, and own their dream jewellery piece!

With a unique customer experience and vast experience, you can be rest assured of the quality of the jewellery at BlueStone.




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