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Diamond Studded White Gold Rings

Breath-taking Diamond Studded White Gold Ring Designs for Women and Men

White gold and diamonds is a match made in jewellery heaven. It is a heavenly combination where a precious metal and an invaluable gemstone come together to create an exquisite piece of jewellery. At BlueStone, we make the best of this divine combination to create a diamond studded white gold rings collection. The pieces in this radiant collection are on the same level of greatness as any diamond-studded platinum ring. Browse through our collection to see what it means to celebrate the best in the world of jewellery.

What is White Gold and Why Should You Buy It?

White gold is a popular and sometimes the most preferred alternative to platinum. Today, many jewellery lovers choose white gold over gold or any other metal. In the last few decades, it has become quite a common metal to work with in the world of jewellery. It is a known fact that pure gold is always yellow in colour. White gold is an alloy of pure gold and other metals. We get it when pure gold is treated with other metals, mostly white in colour. The amount of metals that goes into different purities of white gold depends on the desired durability and strength. Some of the most common metals used to make white gold alloys include nickel, manganese, and palladium.

White gold’s close resemblance to platinum makes it a preferred choice among people looking for jewellery with the same appeal as that of platinum. Another reason why it is so popular among jewellery buyers is its price. White gold ornaments cost only a fraction of what platinum ornaments do. When you have jewellery that looks stunning and comes with an attractive price, why would you not buy it? The diamond studded white gold rings price of each of the pieces in our collection is highly competitive. The attractive price tags we offer will lure you to it like a magnet.

Buy Trendy Diamond Studded White Gold Rings Online at BlueStone

White gold jewellery, especially rings, has an incomparable aura around it. It is preferred by everyone with a fine taste and a love of little luxuries in life. To take white gold jewellery to the next level, we have created a special assortment of diamond studded rings. Each of the rings in this collection exudes chic elegance from every angle. The rings in our collection are some of the best diamond studded white gold rings you might have ever come across. Everything from their design to finishing spells luxury. The sparkling white diamonds studded in these rings reflect light with their mesmerising cuts that are all on display. The sheer magnificence is beyond breathtaking. You have to see them to believe their splendour.

Choose from a Variety of Diamond Studded White Gold Ring Designs

You will be spoilt for choice when you check out our extensive collection. We have handpicked a selection of pieces to make it easy for you to buy diamond studded white gold ring designs from the comfort of your home.

Are you looking for a simple yet classy design? Go for the Agneiz Ring or the Gisela Ring. Both these rings feature a simple white gold body and a single diamond studded at its centre. If you fancy the mega sparkle of diamonds, choose from our cluster ring collection. As the name suggests, a cluster ring features a cluster of small diamonds instead of a large, single one. These small diamonds are placed in such a way that they look like a large, sparkling diamonds. The Bellini Ring is a fine example of the classic cluster setting. The Proud as Peacock Ring and the Creamsicle Ring are other designs you can consider.

New Designs of Diamond Studded White Gold Rings for You

Our collection includes new designs that are trending in the fashion circles today. The Nedra Ring and Pendant is a unique white gold ring. The best thing about this ring is that it also doubles up as a stunning pendant. Its design includes a plain 18kt white gold band and a diamond-studded heart-shaped pendant attached to it. It will work wonders to complete your look whether you pair it with a traditional outfit or a western dress. The Stout Hearted Ring is a handsome offering from our collection designed especially for men. The 18kt white gold ring features two columns of three shimmering white diamonds each. It is a simple ring that packs so much oomph in its subtle design, which makes it a perfect ring for men who love understated glamour. That’s not all. We have exquisite designs fit for parties and special occasions. The Galliano Ring and the Delilah Ring are two bestsellers from our cocktail collection. These oversize rings abound with the sparkle of diamonds.

Colouring Your Life with the Other Shades of Gold

When you shop at BlueStone, you get more than just the ordinary. You can buy diamond studded white gold rings online from among a collection that includes extraordinarily stunning pieces of jewellery. Do you want to add the whimsical charm of rose gold to the mix of white gold and diamonds? Choose the Vista Ring or the Utopia Ring. Those who prefer a tinge of gold on their white gold will find the right piece in the Muse Ring or the Beatitude Ring.

The Delice Ring is nothing like you have ever seen before. This 18kt white gold ring is a marvel in the world of jewellery with its quirky yet sophisticated design. The Eartha Ring is a masterpiece in its own right. It is an 18kt white gold ring that features two cupped flowers. One of these flowers is plated with gold color and the other coated with rose gold colour. Both the flowers feature sparkling diamonds. There are many more such gorgeous pieces in our exclusive collection that will take your breath away.

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