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Revel in the Radiance of White Gold Pendant Designs

You are all set to step out in style. All you need to complete your look is a classy, contemporary, and eye-catchy pendant to go with your evening gown or ethnic outfit. But all you have is your gold pendants and suddenly, you feel you could do with something other than the yellow glitter; something that brims with white radiance, perhaps. Have you been there and felt this way? We suggest you give your wardrobe the white gold treatment right away.

Gold, without doubts, is still the preferred choice of millions when it comes to fine jewellery. But who said fine jewellery cannot be made using white gold? Take a look at BlueStone’s white gold pendant collection. Pure and pristine as platinum, precious and auspicious as gold, and yet at a price range that is affordable and pocket-friendly, our white gold pendant designs are sheer everlasting ecstasy.

White Gold Jewellery Designs: A Trend on the Rise

Did you know that white gold jewellery became trendy during the World War II? During that time platinum was being used for making arms and ammunition and hence jewellers had to think of an option to fill the void left by it. That’s how white gold entered into the world of jewellery, as a makeshift arrangement to fill the gap created by platinum. Nobody expected white gold to last this long, but it did. And when you have gold that can also double up as platinum in terms of appearance and radiance, nobody is complaining.

Over the last few decades, this metal has carved its own place – permanent place, that is – in the collections of online and offline jewellers. Today, people buy white gold jewellery not just as a cost-effective alternative to platinum or gold, but for its own charm and style quotient.

Buy White Gold Pendant Designs and Make a Unique Fashion Statement

Talking of style quotient, nothing can give you an instant makeover and highlight you from a crowd like cocktail jewellery. It is stylish, over-sized, and luminous, and exceptionally ideal for making a bold fashion statement. We at BlueStone have a great range of white gold cocktail pendant designs to glam you up, no matter where you are headed to.

Our popular Sia Pendant has an oval design that will give a slender and delicate look to your neck when adorned. Our floral cocktail pendant range has designs like the Mirth Pendant and Idyll Pendant. The touch of pink in the Idyll Pendant adds a lively charm to this white gold pendant. You will be spoilt for choice between diamonds in their shimmery radiance and the colourful gemstones that add a bit of blush and glow. Round cut diamonds in the Angostura Pendant and the Baileys Pendant set in white gold shine like stars in the dark evening skies.

If you want to wear colourful pendants, then white gold will provide the neutral tone on which the colours come alive in all splendour. The Paloma Pendant has deep purple and light blue hues while the Razberi Pendant has a passionate and fiery red shade. We also have options like the Piscola Pendant, which is decked with an evergreen emerald and the Kamikaze Pendant with a tantalising purple tanzanite stone.

White Gold Pendant Designs: A Celebration of Uniqueness

Alphabet and zodiac pendants are a unique way of self-expression. If you fancy sporting a pendant with your initial or your zodiac sign, then look no further. We have stylishly created white gold pendant designs for you to choose from. Our white gold alphabet pendants and zodiac pendants are a celebration of minimalism and style. They are great gifting options, too.

Aren’t there times you long for something special to celebrate your special moments with your special someone? You can now pay tribute to the journey of a lifetime with the white gold pendant designs from our Journey Collection. The linear arrangement of the stones in these ornaments symbolises your ever growing love. The Adored Togetherness Pendant, the Tranquil Journey Pendant, and the Nostalgic Reflection Pendant will let you cherish your togetherness with joy.

Buy White Gold Pendants Online for Kids

For little fashionistas who adore their Disney friends in Frozen, we have white gold pendant designs that bring out the theme of their favourite movie. The Fun Olaf Pendant for Kids is a cool and funky design of the snow man from the movie and the Sisters Forever Pendant for Kids will be a great way to show their sibling love. The Marquise Pendant for Kids will leave them amazed with the blue topaz and pink sapphire. The Elsa Heart Pendant for Kids and the Elsa Crystal Pendant for Kids are other cute designs in this collection.

Buy White Gold Pendant Designs for Men

Our Men’s white gold pendant designs have impressive options for you to choose from. Whether you want to display your faith or passion for sports, we have the right pieces for you. Tell the world your love for football with the Rooney Pendant design or rejoice in the divine glory with the Avaneesh Pendant. The Lava Pendant and the Valiant Knight Pendant have a dash of gold plating. If you want the radiance of white gold and the glitter of gold, go for these two-tone pieces.

When you buy white gold pendants online from BlueStone, you get to experience not just gold in its designer avatar but also a shopping experience that is taken to the next level. You get discount offers and next day delivery option on some pieces and a home try-on facility before you pay. What’s more? Our white gold pendants’ prices are as attractive as our designs. So go ahead and check out our white gold pendant designs today.

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