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Gift For Engagement Jewellery

Gift for Engagement: Designs That Speak the Language of Brilliance

Every couple is unique and so is their journey together. But what remains same in most cases is the spirit of celebration of the engagement ceremony. The giving of gifts on engagement is a reflection of this spirit of celebration.

Whether it is you who is getting engaged or you are attending the engagement ceremony of someone close, when it comes to an engagement gift you would definitely want it to be special. Why not go for something splendid? Why not go for something sparkling and lasts forever? Yes, we are talking about jewellery here. At BlueStone, you can be sure to buy engagement gift jewellery designs that will leave you awestruck.

Why Jewellery Makes the Best Gift for Engagement?

An engagement marks the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life. A gift presented on this occasion is supposed to convey your love and make the receiver feel special. And what can mark a better beginning than gold? For starters, it is beautiful, durable, and above all a fine form of investment. So, when you want to gift a loved one something really valuable on their engagement but don’t want to embarrass them by gifting a cheque, jewellery is your next best option.

If it’s your own engagement, you would for sure want to buy a gift that will make a lasting impression on your partner. And that gift should last, like the love you share. What gift can ensure all these and more other than jewellery? There may be endless options to buy a trendy gift for engagement online. But a gift of jewellery stands out as something special, desirable, and worth the occasion. Flowers, chocolates, and other items may not last beyond a few days or perhaps weeks. Jewellery, no matter how big or small it is, will stand the test of time and may even get passed on to the next generation as an heirloom piece, who knows?

What’s So Special about Our Gift for Engagement Jewellery Collection?

Since an engagement gift is a very special purchase, our designers have taken care to curate a collection that is fascinating, to begin with. This collection comprises of an assortment of rings meant for the modern men and women who love stylish jewellery. After all, your engagement gift must be in sync with the receiver’s taste and style, isn’t it? Take a look at our Love Clasp. This beautiful ring made of 18k gold has a sparkling diamond set in the centre. Don’t you think this stunning ring can make any woman’s heart dance out with joy?

There’s more to explore.

Our gift for engagement collection is created from 18k gold. Gold is a priority for many people looking to buy a gift for engagement online. And who can be blamed? When you get trendy designs like our Aphaea Ring for Him, won’t you be tempted to buy the same? The good news is that we have the same design for women– the Aphaea Ring for Her. Together, they make a beautiful couple band which can be gifted to the couple.

Now even white gold jewellery finds preference among jewellery buyers. Taking a cue from this trend, we have included a few breathtakingly beautiful white gold designs in this collection. The Euphoria Band is a fine example of the white gold ring designs we have in store for you. This contemporary band is studded with 25 sparkling diamonds which can make any man stand out in a gathering.

Pick the Finest Engagement Gifts for Him and Her

The key to selecting a fine engagement gift, especially jewellery, lies in its timeless appeal. We bring to you a variety of designs that remain true to this need. For instance, our Chrysus Ring for men carries elegance to the core. It’s the classic design that lies at the heart of this gold and diamond ring. The Antonio Ring is a design that spells wonder. This gold ring is glamourous to the hilt. Don’t you think it can go well with all kinds of a woman’s attire?

We are not short of elaborate designs either. The Sylvia Ring for women is a case in point. It is an 18kt gold ring that captures your attention due to its flawless design and stylish look. If you are looking for designs that one can continue to wear in everyday life, check out our Olavi Ring. This is a white gold ring for men. The triple band design is something that never goes out of fashion. But it’s the dual-tone look of the ring that steals the show.

Make Way for the Diamonds

Talking about jewellery as engagement gifts, can diamonds be far from the scene? Diamonds are never out of vogue and their twinkle has made many men and women fall for them. The new designs in our gift for engagement collection have enough sparkle to match the bling. We have diamonds that celebrate the shine of gold through designs like our Flowery Dreams Ring for women. True to its name, this ring has a diamond flower set against the yellow metal band.

White gold and diamonds are made for each other. The radiance of white gold highlights the white twinkle of diamonds; together they create a jumbo radiance. Highlighting the beauty of white gold is our Francesco Band. This ring for the modern man has a no-fuss look about it and yet its appeal shines through the single diamond set in it. Diamonds can add to the appeal of even double tone rings. The Dual Sonata Ring for Her is an example of this. The gold ring possesses two bands in white and yellow colour and two diamonds to enhance their beauty.

Buy Gift for Engagement Jewellery Online from Your Trusted Jewellery Partner

BlueStone brings to you the most amazing designs in jewellery at the most competitive prices. Our gift for engagement price range remains a testimony to this fact. Do you want to buy a piece but find it a little above your budget?

Worry not!

You can customise the design in 14kt gold which will bring the price down. When you buy our designs, you are ensured of quality as well. So, explore our gift for engagement collection today and select a ring that will leave its mark on the receiver.

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