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Rose Gold Ring Designs: The New Classic

Wait before you say “Rose is not my colour”. As a connoisseur of fine accessories, you might have associated the colour with romance, cuteness, femininity, and delicacy but rarely with elegance or sophistication. Right? How can you be blamed, considering that the rose products floating in the market advocate these exact qualities? While rose embodies all these qualities and more, it can represent fineness and grace to the finest degree possible. Take a look at BlueStone’s rose gold ring designs and you will know what we mean. Made in the warm shades rose gold, these rings have everything you need to make a unique and graceful style statement. 

Everything You Should Know about Rose Gold Ring Designs

Rose gold is an alloy made of gold and copper and it owes its rose hue to the copper content. Also known by other names such as blush gold, rose gold, and red gold, this alloy is becoming the hottest trend in the jewellery industry these days.

This, however, is not an entirely new trend. Rose gold was popular among Russian royalty almost a century ago and was once referred to as Russian Gold. Louis Cartier, the French designer who created his famous trinity ring in 1924 is credited with making rose gold popular all again. Cartier’s trinity ring featured three interlocked bands, one of which was made of rose gold. The whimsical shade of this metal captured the fancy of designer ever since and today you can find a wide range of rings in the market.

At BlueStone, we offer a mesmerising display of rose gold rings suitable for all occasions. Our rings are made of 18kt rose gold containing 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver, which adds to their visual appeal and durability. Here is a sneak peak of what you get when you buy rose gold rings online from us.

The Never-Failing Beauty of Floral Rose Gold Ring Designs

The floral theme entered the world of jewellery several centuries ago and once entered, it became a timeless classic. When you buy rose gold ring designs from us, you get floral rings designed with praiseworthy craftsmanship. Tulips, roses, simple blooms, or intricate floral wonders, just name it and we have it.

The tulip designs in BlueStone’s collection give you a welcoming change from the conventional floral rings you have ever seen. The Exquisite Tulip Ring and the Enchanted Tulip Ring are two excellent cases in point. Made of 18kt rose gold and studded with diamonds, these blooming beauties will enhance your style quotient by several notches.

Lovers of the rose flower, despair not! We have a fabulous range of rose designs to make you look as fresh as a rosebud. The Booming Rose Ring made of plain rose gold and the Winter Rose Ring featuring a simple rose studded with diamonds are among the popular picks of our customers. If you have a thing for rubies, go for our ruby-studded designs like the Wild Rose Ring and the Jared Ring.

Have you ever looked at a flower and wondered where it got its beauty from? You will feel almost the same when you look at some of our exquisite designs like Earlina Ring and the Mckenna Ring. Party, vacation, or weekend, wear these rings and you will look as if you are coming straight from the runways.

Speak the Language of Love with Rose Gold Ring Designs 

When it comes to the subject of love, our rose gold ring designs are qualified for triple doctoral degrees. Not only are they crafted in the romantic hues of rose, but they also feature the universal symbol of love – hearts. What’s more? Some of these pieces also come studded with rose quartz, the stone of love.

Take, for instance, the Terra Rose Quartz Ring and the Florence Love Ring. They both feature a heart-shaped rose quartz, which makes them an ideal pick for the Valentine’s Day. Other heart-shaped rings in our collection are the Elea Heart Ring, the Lia Heart Ring, and the Blaine Ring, among others. Fancy wearing a quirky design? Pick our Pill of Love Ring, which also serves as a great conversation starter.

Fashion has a New Colour: Rose Gold Fashion Rings for the Fashionistas

Bold and unique fashion statements call for bold and unique designs, and that’s exactly what you get when you buy rose gold rings online from us. Our open ring designs are unique ways of expressing your style and you can choose from a wide range that includes the Earwyn Ring, the Open Bubble Ring, and the Aamara Ring.

Two-finger ring designs are creating a wave in the fashion industry, and rightly so. For those who fancy sporting some uniquely crafted two-finger rings, we offer the Taina Two Finger Ring and the Pearla Ring. If crisscross patterns are your style, choose between our Ebony Ring and Kendra Ring.

Want a bigger bang for the bucks you spend? Choose our Tommie Ring and Pendant. This two-in-one ring featuring a beautiful floral design doubles as a pendant too. What more could you ask for?

Of Pearls and Gemstones: Buy Rose Gold Jewellery Designs from BlueStone

The whimsical hues of rose, when combined with the radiance of pearls and gemstones, create quite a sight. Not convinced? Check our Pearl Cloud Ring and the Parlat Ring to experience the magnificence of pearls. Or you can go for our gemstone rings like the Florian Rose Ring and the Goldy Ring, both of which feature emeralds and rubies. Our rose gold ring prices will bring a smile on your face just as our designs do.

So why wait? Browse through our collection and buy the rings that speak to your heart. When life gives you rose, you should wear it on your finger in the form of a finely crafted ring.

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