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Men's Jewellery Designs: Redefining the Urban Man

Whereas grace is innate, looking gorgeous is an art. Though different products flood the market, only the exceptional leaves an indelible impression in our minds. Wearing traditional and modern jewellery has not always been the prerogative of women. As opposed to the popular beliefs, men of Egypt, Syria, the ancient Greece, and Mesopotamia, and even Asian men wore ornaments and accessories to highlight their physique and manly charm. Men’s jewellery designs were handpicked and handcrafted with beads, strings, and metallic strips, and they were studded with precious jewels like amber, turquoise, and opals.

Men's jewellery designs: An ever-growing range 

The use of the men's ring as part of costume, culture, and fashion was rampant even in the western and European nations many years ago. While initially it was thought that only simple and elegant designs could suit men, fashion enthusiasts started experimenting with men’s everyday accessories and jewellery patterns. Unsurprisingly, jewellery for men came to occupy a prominent place in the global fashion circuit. Therefore, now, you find that bracelets, gold pendants, earrings, studs, and chains are no longer just a woman’s fashion essentials, but these are also the finest emblems of the urban and chic man.

The bold and the brazen: Buy men’s jewellery online

With the advent and progress of online marketing, the whole idea of shopping from the retail outlets has taken a backstage. You can now buy men’s jewellery designs as a token of remembrance for his birthday, for his anniversary, or just for saying “I owe my heart” to the man of your dreams. With some of the most exquisite men’s jewellery designs that you find across online portals, you will be spoilt for choice. The plating, material of the jewellery, type of gemstones used, and the design are four important factors that you should keep in mind while choosing men’s jewellery online.

Men’s jewellery designs: A reflection of their personality

Jewellery for men often reflects their attitude and personality. Although there can be different categories, you can select the best ones according to your requirements and not just by adhering to blinds trends. You can buy men’s jewellery online from an assortment of brass metals, 18 or 22 or 24 kt gold, or from the diamond and ruby studded pendants, chains, ear studs and bracelets that will work the best when you go either for a dinner date, or to your official get-together.

Trust BlueStone to buy the finest men’s jewellery online

When it come range and reputation, none can beat BlueStone, the leading online jeweller in India. We, at BlueStone, offer you some of the first-time-ever collections of designer men’s jewellery. We offer men’s jewellery designs at affordable prices, keeping the huge demand and high quality in mind.

Men’s jewellery designs that symbolise class

Our jewellery for men symbolises class and royalty. You can choose the Royal and Resolute Ring or the Antoine Ring for your man. If he is not a great fan of the yellow metal, then the Royal and Resolute Ring in 18kt white gold and studded with chosen diamonds will make him feel special. The Antoine Ring in 18kt gold and embedded with diamonds will be a perfect fit for him during formal occasions.

We also have men’s cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, and bangles under different price lists. The Gallant Symbol Pendant in diamond and 18kt gold is rectangular in shape with intricate gold works. Men can also choose the Sailor Bracelet made of 18 kt gold that has a latticed and interwoven gold structure and is studded with diamond, to make their festive spirits rise high.

We check all our products for quality measures and you can also avail the facility to try on our collection from home before making the purchase.

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