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Men’s Gold Jewellery Designs: For Him and Him Only

When it comes to jewellery, men are usually a bit lax, aren’t they? So you think. Well, on the contrary, they are twice as attentive as women about what to wear and what not to. You won’t catch them flicking through the lifestyle magazines over tea or reading up the fashionista blogs for the latest trends during lunch recess, but sure they have their ways. Of course, there are still those who abhor decorations of all sorts, but men with fine taste, noble mien, and a discerning eye for gold accessories are gradually increasing in number.

So if you are a fashion savvy man who is keen to rule the style realm, we at BlueStone offer you just everything you want. Our men’s gold jewellery designs include finely crafted rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, cufflinks, and earrings made of gold and studded with diamonds and precious stones. Traditional or contemporary, fashion or fusion, everyday wear or officewear – just name it and we have it in our collection. It’s about time you step up your game with men’s gold jewellery designs.

Buy Men’s Gold Jewellery Designs that will Turn Heads at Work

You have been jostling your way through the crowd, venturing to climb the corporate ladder and trying hard to make an impression at work. When you have had it all, you know that you still have to keep working on your charisma and style quotient because weary is the head that wears the crown. Our men’s gold jewellery collection is just the trick up the sleeves that you need right now.

Try your luck with the Confident Male Ring. Made of solid gold, this 18kt gold ring has just one fiery diamond dazzling in the centre to breathe spunk into your style. Should you be looking for more varieties, you could check out the Quest Ring, the Clasped Band for Him or the Genesis Ring. For all their plush panache, these rings keep the stonework to a minimum.

If nothing but subtlety and solid gold is how you roll, we can help you out there too. Try on the Undaunted Ruler King, the Pinnacle Ring, or the Woven Glory Ring and unleash the stylish, impeccable alpha you at work. The Robust Noble Ring and the Boulevard Ring might not have subtlety, but they put up a gallant show empowered by the clusters of sparkling diamonds jazzing up the solid gold base.

And by the way, you can now pair up the office ring of your choice with the Prosperity Pendant or the Daring Hero Pendant just to fire up the flames a bit more. The cufflink designs at BlueStone are designed to spruce up your formal look with a little bit of glitter and sparkle. If minimalism is your style, go for our Calvin Cufflinks for Him. Should you need something stylish and contemporary, the Pearce Cufflinks for Him and the Dunstan Cufflinks for Him are the right picks.

Dress Up in Standout Style: Buy Men’s Gold Jewellery Online for Special Occasions

Whereas rings make the perfect impression at work, pendants and bracelets are more appropriate for special occasions. This is not to say that you can’t save the 18kt gold Nawab Gold Ring, with a dazzling ruby and a cluster of diamonds adorning it, for your best friend’s wedding. Also, you can safely pull off the Stalwart Bracelet at work just as easily. But you know that for the most part you would like to save the Aum Pendant for the day when there’s a ‘puja’ at home.

The Subhan Pendant, the Vinayaka Pendant, the Anmol Om Pendant, and the Jai Hanuman Pendant all make for exquisite religious jewellery carved out in gold. The Sai Nath Ring, an 18kt ring decked with diamonds, also adds much grace to the auspicious event you sport it on.

And while these are not religious, the Blue Blooded Pendant, the Vande Mataram Pendant, and the Fashion Circuit Pendant have enough chic and charm to make your woman fall head over heels for you if you were to show up for a date wearing them. If you wore them to any other occasion for that matter, it would still earn you a flock of admirers for sure.

Profess Your Undying Love to Him with Our Men’s Gold Jewellery Designs

That’s right ladies, you need not shy away from bringing the romance back into your lives. The agents of time may have eroded it a bit, but the gifting gesture will surely salvage the spark. Right from the Danny Cufflinks for Him to the Divine Union Ring or the Champion Bracelet, the options are many and large.

If your man is into ear studs (and we dare say you have got quite a stylish man there), you could gift him the Savoir Earring for Him. You could also go for the Hesiod Stud or the Eclat Earring for Him. Made of 18kt gold with a single magnificent diamond, they both raise the standards of sophistication that most jewellery will have a tough time competing with. For men who love adorning their wrists with a bit of yellow glitter, we have an exquisite range of kada designs including the Ayush Kada for Him and the Arjun Kada for Him.

Not sure what will look best on your guy? Don’t worry about that. Just select the products you like and we will bring them home for him to try them on at a time that suits you the best. There are no additional charges or obligations of purchase attached to our home try-on services. So, gear up for a fascinating online shopping experience. Check out the men’s gold jewellery prices on our website and select the one that fits you perfectly.

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