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Men's Akshaya Tritiya Rings

Ring in Prosperity with Men’s Akshaya Tritiya Ring Designs

More often than not, jewellery buying during festive occasions is considered largely a women’s affair. An exception to this is Akshaya Tritiya, one of the most auspicious days for Hindus and Jains when men are equally keen to purchase gold and jewellery. Goddess Lakshmi, who is the provider of wealth and prosperity according to Hinduism, is believed to bless our homes when we buy jewellery on this day. The word akshaya means everlasting in Sanskrit and what better way to celebrate perpetuity than by buying precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum? That’s why we, at BlueStone, offer you an exclusive range of jewellery which includes men’s Akshaya Tritiya ring designs.

Why Buy Men’s Akshaya Tritiya Ring Designs?

To begin with, rings are a piece of jewellery men sport just as much as women. No other accessory has become part of men’s daily lives, except perhaps a wrist watch. Besides being ornaments that adorn fingers, men wear rings to show their marital status and commitment towards their wives. While some men wear these tiny trinkets to display their faith, others choose these as a fashion statement. Seen from any angle, rings are a wise investment for men any day and even more so on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. Whether it is a plain gold band like the Legendary Ring or a platinum band like the Cohort Band for Him, you can now buy men’s Akshaya Tritiya rings online from BlueStone and let the lady luck bless you with eternal prosperity.

Buy Akshaya Tritiya Ring Designs in Plain Gold

Traditionally, men buy gold coins and solid gold jewellery on the day of Akshaya Tritiya as an investment. For men who prefer plain gold ornaments, our designers have come up with a glittering range of rings made of gold. These rings come without any stone embellishments and double as an investment besides being fashion accessories. Take, for instance, the Sovereign Ruler Ring. Made of 22kt gold in a minimalist design, this ring is a celebration of the yellow metal. If you want to go the classic way, opt for something crafted in the classic band style, like the True Love Band for Him or the Soulmate Ring for Him. The Woven Glory Ring, the Chivalrous Prince Ring, and the Heroic Soldier Ring are other designs you can consider from our men’s Akshaya Tritiya rings collection.

Religious Collection for the Devotees

Buy men’s Akshaya Tritiya ring designs from our religious collection and you can invite the Goddess of good fortune into your abode. Our Yashashvi Om Ring has the holy syllable Om imprinted on the ring. The eye-catchy design of this ring lends a graceful look to your fingers when worn. You can also opt for the Guardian Om Ring and the Om Kantha Ring if you are looking for innovative ways of wearing the sacred syllable as ring design. The Ganesha Benevolence Ring has the elephant face of Lord Ganesha artfully represented on it and will steal your heart with its aesthetic charm.

Men’s Akshaya Tritiya Rings in White Gold

Rings made of white gold are increasing in popularity these days. Not only are they trendy and chic but white gold rings are also neutral and contemporary enough to go with formal as well as casual outfits. If you fancy buying a white gold ring on this Akshaya Tritiya, we have got just the right designs for you. The Garret Ring is an exquisite design featuring a preset solitaire and it is a valuable addition to your jewellery collection. If you prefer a solitaire ring but with a less ornate design, go for the Mathis Ring. For those who fancy white gold rings without diamonds and solitaires, we have elegant designs like the Noble Man Ring and the Dauntless Ruler Ring to fit your requirements. Trendy, classy, and contemporary, these rings will adorn your fingers all through the year and on all occasions.

Platinum: The New Buzzword in the Jewellery Industry

A few years ago, men wouldn’t have preferred anything other than gold on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. But the buying trends of people have changed tremendously over the years and today, platinum rules the world of jewellery. Men’s platinum Akshaya Tritiya rings score high as a fashion accessory and as an investment. When you buy men’s Akshaya Tritiya rings online from BlueStone, you can choose from plain platinum rings like the Odyssey Band for Him and the Infinitum Band for Him or opt for diamond-studded designs like the Frolic Band for Him and Destine Band for Him. The Wanderlove Band for Him and the Everafter Band for Him are also some of the popular picks of our platinum-loving customers.

Fusion at Its Best

Fusion designs combine the elegance of traditional designs with new age patterns. If you are looking to celebrate the age-old tradition of Akshaya Tritiya with some modern flair, go for the George Ring or the Brad Ring, two stylish gold pieces from our fusion ring collection. Confused between the Ally Band for Him made of platinum and the Pinnacle Ring made of gold? When in doubt, we suggest you opt for our home try-on option and you can try the select pieces at your convenience and then make the purchase. Our men’s Akshaya Tritiya ring prices are highly affordable, so go ahead and shop to your heart’s content. When we offer a mesmerising range of rings which you can buy from the comfort of your home at affordable prices, what can stop you from buying your favourite rings on this Akshaya Tritiya? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

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