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Women's Gold Rings

All of us are aware of the big Fat Indian weddings! And one thing that makes these weddings fatter is the jewellery on display! The glitterati that is on display will definitely make your eyes pop out with awe! Though most of the jewellery pieces are made out of gold, the variety of designs and styles showcases the expertise of craftsmanship. The amount of time and dedication put in by these craftsmen is clearly visible from the designs.

Among many other accessories, the finger ring is a significant one. Sometimes man proposes to his girl with a ring. A step further when there is a ‘Yes’ from the girl too, then an engagement ring does the magic of bringing them together. That’s the sort of importance that the finger ring holds!

Elegance at its best

It is believed that the fingers of these delicate darlings have a grace in themselves. Men too, show interest in wearing a ring on their fingers but women partake the men in possessing more number of rings. It has come from time immemorial, that men and women enhance their beauty by wearing jewellery. It is also been seen that men were the first ones to use rings. Precious stones and pearls add more to the beauty. Various designs and arrangements and combinations of stones make ring the most sought after jewellery.

Craftsmen create magic

A gold ring can never lose its importance in Indian culture. Even though diamond rings, platinum rings, solitaire rings are making it big in the market; gold rings fo women are still the foremost choice when it comes to weddings! With the evolution in designs, gold rings have embarked the journey from simple plain designs to twisted ring designs, and from single stone designs to an array of stones or diamonds! Even our celebs are smitten by the gold ring bug, and spare no chance in flaunting it.

Jennifer Aniston’s ring from husband Justin Theroux had a huge 8-carat diamond beautifully crafted on a gold band! It was one of the most talk-about rings at that time. Another celeb who flaunted their love for the gold was Dianna Agron. When Glee’s Dianna Agron and Mumfrod & Sons’ Winston Marshall tied the knot, all eyes were on her wedding gown and the ring, of course! The round-cut diamond set in gold hit quite a few headlines. That’s how powerful the gold ring is!

When it comes to women’s gold ring designs, you are sure to be spoilt for choices. The Halo rings are the latest design to be in vogue. The big stone or diamond at the center, studded with smaller stones from all sides, makes the ring quite attractive and elegant. If your woman loves her diamonds, you must get her the cut diamond halo ring.

If you want to own a ring that can be exclusively paired with your favourite outfit, then it is time you look for coloured gemstone rings. In today’s fashion world, every bride wants to match her ring with her wedding, cocktail, engagement dress. So, choose wisely!

BlueStone’s Women's Gold Ring Designs Collection

BlueStone, the online jewellery brand, brings an exclusive collection of women’s gold ring to you. There has been a lot of said and done about online shopping, but with BlueStone you can buy women’s gold rings online without any fear of poor quality or customer support. The team at BlueStone makes sure you are completely satisfied before you own the yellow band. You just need to pick a product of your choice, select a suitable date, and they will be at your doorstep to help you with the sizes. With affordable prices, you can be rest assured of the women’s gold ring price. With a wide variety of choice of gold ring bands, twisted bands, halo rings, mixed metal rings, you are ought to be confused while picking one piece from the entire lot. Happy jewellery shopping!

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