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Men's Diamond Earrings

Men’s Diamond Earring: For the Fun, Formal, Or Even Flamboyant

There is nothing new or nascent about men’s jewellery. Men have been known to adorn themselves with earthy, raw material since time immemorial. Fashion experts around the world who cater to men’s fashion will confirm that this line of jewellery is wide-ranging as it depends on the person who chooses to pick a style based on their personality. So any style could apply. Earrings, bracelets and even chains are territories men have become familiar with, besides the old traditional wedding band. But when it comes to men’s jewellery, extravagance is not an option - the simpler, the better.

But that’s no excuse to be boring with your choices. This is where BlueStone comes in with our classic earrings for men. Keeping in mind both personality and aesthetic, our men’s diamond earring design line is bound to blow you away. Our men’s diamond earrings prices are low too! So what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection and buy the one that suits your style needs.

Buy Men’s Diamond Earring Designs Online from BlueStone

Our men’s diamond earring designs make it easy to shop for the best in the market. Choices are aplenty and you can choose from two solid classic metals – in yellow and white gold. So classy that it doesn’t get better than this!

Within these encompassing metals, there are many options for you to choose from. Let’s take the case of single stone pairs. The Richie Earring for Him is a standard design for men. A design that uses 18kt white gold with a single-stone diamond is a must-have. Or take the Hesiod Stud. This stud uses 18kt gold with a single-stone diamond set in it. The Bien Earring is not a subtle option too. Using matt gold and single-stone diamond to give a subdued effect, the earring can be worn during the day and night.

As for multi-stone designs, don’t fret – there are quite a few to choose from. If you like the Radulf Stud for Him, then you are not alone. The square design made of gold has four tiny diamond stones placed within the four corners. This will be an ideal choice for men who don’t mind entering unchartered territories with fashion rules. Similarly, the Melange Earring for Him is slender in design with five diamond stones set in a liner fashion at the centre of the rectangle design. You are sure to grab some attention with this unique piece. Have you also been eyeing the Savoir Earring for Him? What may seem like a feminine choice from afar is not the case once you wear it. The round design is perfect for men who want to bring some bling to their outfit of the day. The design denotes confidence and charisma.

Be Cool with Men’s Diamond Earring Designs

For the daring and the adventurous, there are plenty of options too. A favourite design is the Ramirus Stud for Him. This stunning earring is made of 18kt gold in a crisscross design touching the four edges of the gold setting. But that’s not all. Right at the centre is a carefully crafted diamond stone. Have you also been considering the Entente Earrings for Him? Smoothing out the edges with a round design, the earring carries the peace symbol peppered with tiny dots of diamonds. This lends the earring the ultimate sparkle. They are indeed perfect for a party! The Kostandin Stud for Him is also an appealing choice for the man who loves to play it cool. Flashy, full of bling, and diamond sparkle all create the ideal wedding or glamour stud for wear! One that comes close to this is the Deonte Stud for Him. Geometric designs rule the earrings. Get crazy with this spectacular earring for the flamboyant soul.

There are more to explore. Take your time, browse through our range and spot the earring that is specially crafted for you. If you want to try them on before buying, choose our home try-on facility. We are glad to bring the piece to your home and let you try it on. If you need any assistance, give us a call or send us a chat. We are happy to help you find your twinkle.

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