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Plain and Precious: Plain Gold Earring Designs

If gold is regarded as the king of all precious metals, there must be something special and majestic about it, right? A fascinating feature of this metal is that it looks beautiful no matter how you design an ornament with it. A piece of jewellery made of gold and diamonds is a thing of beauty and when gold is studded with colourful gems, its beauty knows no bounds. But gold doesn’t always need a diamond or precious stone to look good, and a piece of artfully designed plain gold ornament is more beautiful than all the gems and stones in the world put together. That’s probably why plain gold earring designs never go out of fashion and they always enjoy a safe and secure position in a woman’s jewellery collection.

The not-so-plain history of plain gold earrings

Ancient people learned how to make ornaments with plain gold much before they mastered the art of gem-setting. Hoops, studs, and tube-shaped earrings made of plain gold were popular in Persia and Egypt. In olden times, western sailors wore plain gold earrings as a sign commemorating their first crossing of the equator. Such earring served another purpose too – if a sailor drowned and washed ashore, the earrings were used as money to give them a proper burial.

Over the centuries, people started embellishing their ear ornaments with precious stones but that didn’t reduce the popularity of plain gold earrings. New patterns emerged, new designs conquered the industry, and new themes and motifs entered the world of jewellery making. Plain gold earrings embraced these changes and went ahead making a permanent mark in the jewellery industry.

Plain gold earring designs: The world of varieties

When you buy plain gold earrings online from leading sellers like BlueStone, you will be surprised to see that they are not so ‘plain’ in design after all. Often they come with elaborate and intricate designs and a winning feature of plain gold earrings is that they look excellent in floral, traditional, contemporary, and geometric patterns. Gold studs made in traditional designs were in vogue from the times of our great grandmothers and studs continue to dominate plain gold earrings collections albeit with many contemporary design elements.  Elegantly and elaborately designed hoops, dangles, and drops earrings are also becoming a favourite with many modern customers. Some of the fast-moving items at BlueStone, such as the Octo Petalon Earrings (stud), the Isla Earrings (drop), and the Helen Earrings (hoop) would tell you the elegance and intricacy of designs crafted in plain gold.

A lot of yellow, a bit of white: Plain gold earrings with rhodium plating

Is your idea of plain gold earrings that of a bright and glossy piece designed in monotonous yellow colour? Then gold earrings with rhodium plating will take you by surprise. Jewellery designers nowadays plate gold earrings with rhodium, a silvery white metal, to break the monotony of gold ornaments.  Rhodium plating not only gives plain gold earrings a stylish and contemporary appeal but also make them highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. What’s more, jewellers have redefined the glitter of gold by giving such earrings the non-glossy matte finish. Many plain gold earring designs in BlueStone’s collection such as the Courtney Earrings, the Meadow Beauty Earrings, and the Rujula Earrings are plated with rhodium and they will add a lot of yellow and a bit of white to your jewellery collection.  

Make a fashion statement with large size plain gold earring designs

People often use diamond tudded earrings and fashion earrings to make a style statement. But oversize and intricately designed plain gold earrings are equally good as statement pieces. When you buy plain gold earring online from BlueStone, you get to choose from a number of drops, hoops, and studs which are stylish in design, large in size, and contemporary in appeal. Many of our signature pieces like the Daring Femme Earrings, the Vigilant Femme Earrings, and the Victoria Earrings are your best picks when you want to make a fashion statement using plain gold. You needn’t try hard to make the statement but these pieces will do that for you!

Buy plain gold earring designs for your darling daughters

What a delightful sight it is to see a little twinkle on your little star’s ears! If you are choosing earrings for your little daughter, then choose wisely – they should be light on her tiny ears and devoid of heavy embellishments. Plain gold earrings without stones or diamonds are ideal for toddlers and young kids and BlueStone offers an attractive collection of lightweight earrings designed for kids. Our animal-themed pieces like the Kitty Earrings for Kids and the Kiddie Panda Earrings for Kids are cute and colourful and your daughter will take an instant liking to them. We have kept our plain gold earrings’ prices at an affordable range, so you don’t have to think twice to buy your favourite piece of glitter.


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