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Pearl Rings: When Elegance Graces Artistry

A ring is a girl’s best friend as she hardly removes it and the ring with a pearl drop on gold is something that she can’t take her eyes off.

Pearl is not a mere ornament but its white colour symbolises purity, sanity, freshness and elegance. If you are a pearl lover and looking to adorn your delicate finger with this gem, look through our pearl rings collection and your heart will jump in astonishment and glee. Designed by the finest craftsmen, each piece is a beauty, a testimony of uniqueness and elegance.

The Ancient Gem

The discovery of pearl dates to long back, even before history was written. Hence, no one has yet taken the credit of its discovery. However, the common belief is that the gem was unearthed by mankind while in search of food along the seashore. In the early Roman era, pearl gained the status of richness and prosperity. Under Julius Ceaser, a law was passed restricting the use of pearl jewellery only to the upper strata of the society. While in China, the gem was gifted to the Chinese royalty.

The history pearl is embellished with legends and myths owing to its exceptionally long and interesting journey. During the ancient age, pearl was associated with purity. Knights often wore the gem which was believed to protect them from danger in the dark.

Buy Pearl Rings Online from BlueStone

If you are in search of an uncommon pearl based artwork, glance through the pearl ring designs at BlueStone and your search will be smooth. Our exclusive collection boasts of designs that focus on pearl, but with a subtle emphasis of diamond and coloured stones here and there. You are sure to have a mix of emotion of awe and wonder, belief and disbelief on seeing the absolute beauties.

As we take pride in our craftsmanship of those delicate beauties, we also boast of offering the most affordable pearl ring price with lifetime guarantee and 30-day money back guarantee.

Pearl Ring Designs to Suit your Taste and Occasion

Are you looking for a ring design for a special occasion? Don’t look further as we have got the perfect ornament for you. You can put your search on hold for a while and check The Princess Sparkle Ring in the white gold section. It is a sheer piece of brilliance -a combination of subtleness and elegance wrapped in glitter and whiteness! Like its name, it is a sparkling piece of wonder crafted with a pearl drop in the centre and studded with diamonds on its sides on 18kt gold.

If you are looking to buy pearl ring designs crafted in gold, the Waverly Ring is a magnificent piece. A perfect gift for anniversary or valentine’s day, this simple yet stunning design will make your girl jump in joy. The sophisticated piece of wonder comes in 18kt gold with a prominent off-white pearl in the centre and its sides studded with diamonds.

While browsing through the BlueStone pearl ring collection, an unusual piece may catch your attention – the Maryam Two Finger Ring. You will love it especially if you are looking to buy pearl ring design of a noteworthy size and an exceptional design. As the name suggests, the ring spreads across two fingers with an abundance of pearl dotted with diamonds (one on top of each pearl). Crafted in 18Kt gold, this is a piece of astonishment and distinction, a testimony of our state of the art craftsmanship.

For the Flower Lovers

If you like a piece of flower wrapped in pearl to be sitting on your finger, do check the pearl floral ring section of BlueStone. When beauty meets artistry, it is the birth of magnificence and luxury. This is exemplified in the Kathryn Ring where a drop of pearl is sitting at the centre surrounded by carefully crafted small and moderate pieces of diamond, fenced by gold designed in the form of leaves. The overall look is that of a white flower with golden leaves – an ecstasy in itself. The Nayah Ring and the Alison Ring are other hot-selling varieties in this category.

If you are looking for more exquisite pieces, we have an absolutely marvellous collection at affordable prices.

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