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Pendants below 10000: Beautiful Trinkets for the Cost Conscious

Pendants are in the good book of every jewellery lover, young and old, men and women. Do you what makes pendants different from other ornaments? When you buy rings and bangles, you need to look for one that fits your finger or wrist. Size may not matter when you buy earrings, but you should take into consideration the shape of your face. However, pendants are one-size-fits-all trinkets that suit men and women of all ages. And that makes them an ideal gifting option too.

Speaking of gifts, have you taken a look at our pendants below 10000 collection? It is currently trending hot among our customers. The best thing about this range is that you can buy one or more pendants without having to spend a fortune. With designs ranging from minimalistic to ornate, floral to geometric, this assortment is here to win your hearts.

Pendants for all Ages

And we mean it when we say all ages. Looking for pendants below 10000 designs for your little one? The Bumble Bee Pendant for Kids is ideal for kids who like animals. So is the Kitty Pendant for Kids are ideal for girls. Some pieces of jewellery are suited for kids and teenagers alike. These include designs like the Childlike Flower Pendant for Kids and the Flower of Innocence Pendant for Kids. For college going girls, the Rita Pendant and the Acceptance Pendant make great gifts. The Motherly Love Pendant is the perfect gift you can choose for your mother.

Some events in life, like the first job or the first pay check, calls for a celebration. Do you want to mark that moment with a piece of jewellery? Buy pendants below 10000 online because these are well within your budget. You get your twinkle without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Monogram Pendants

Alphabet pendants are a very popular theme in the world of jewellery. After all, nothing belongs to a person as much as his or her name. You could wear one with your own initials or a loved one’s initials. Our designers have made a display of their creativity using all 26 letters of the English alphabet.

Those looking for sleek designs can go for pieces like the Liham I Pendant and the Liham B Pendant. On the other hand, if you prefer larger statement pendants, take a look at the Charming C pendant and the Awesome A Pendant. Are you looking for trendy pendants below 10000 online? You must check out our white gold alphabet pendants. The Italia S Pendant and the Italia T Pendant are real stunners with a diamond adding to their appeal.

Floral Pendants

Jewellery is, and has always been, inspired by nature. And that’s exactly why floral designs remain popular even when other motifs flood the jewellery industry. The Floral Princess Pendant for Kids and the Fetching Foliage Pendant are among the best-selling floral pendants in our collection.

Floral pendants can complement office wear as well. The Marina Pendant and the Anishi Pendant are two such designs. You could also look at the Annot Pendant and the Sovereign Flower Pendant for everyday wear. However, special occasions call for bigger and bolder pendants. How about our Ursula Pendant with a round cut blue topaz in the centre?

A Heart to Keep Close to Your Heart!

Gifting jewellery is a great way to express love. Thus, it isn’t surprising that when people buy pendants below 10000 designs, the heart motif is a popular theme. The Forever after Pendant is a fine example of the classic heart motif shaped as a pendant. Such classic designs can also be crafted with heart-shaped gemstones, as you see in the Amarela Pendant.

Another popular motif you can see in heart jewellery is the entwined hearts. This is the most widely accepted symbol of love that lasts forever. Some of the hot-selling pieces in our collection like the Aimee Pendant and the Amadio Pendant feature this motif. For some people, mere symbolism may not be enough. So, take a look at the Hearty Love Pendant and the Loving Heart Pendant that spell out the word ‘love’. These designs make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.

Religious Pendants

Religious pendants have a unisex appeal. Many new designs in pendants below 10000 are designed to remind the wearer of their religious beliefs. The Ganapati Pendant and the Devavrata Pendant are popular amongst followers of Lord Ganesh. Devotees of Hanuman may consider pendants like the Devine Hanuman Pendant sources of strength in trying times. The Aadarsh Pendant has universal appeal amongst Hindus. Similarly, the Adam Cross Pendant and the Aden Cross Pendant are popular amongst Christian men and women. These designs are extremely attractive. So are our pendants below 10000 price tags!

Pendants for Men

Jewellery for men is not restricted to religious pendants like the Janardhana Pendant. Many men also like to make a fashion statement with pendants. Thus, the Soulmates Pendant for Him or the Gina Forever Yours Pendant could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a man. The best pendant below 10000 for a man is one which allows him to express himself. For example, the Zaha Pendant is ideal for a football lover and the Freedom Pendant is ideal for someone who wants display his love for the country.

How to Buy Pendants below 10000?

At BlueStone, we have pendants in yellow, white and pink gold. Plain gold pendants are typically made of 22kt gold while gemstone pendants come in 18kt gold. These pendants can also be made in 14kt gold, which helps bring the price down. Many of our designs, like the Foliage Lattice Pendant and the Malva Pendant, are also available with next day delivery.

So, browse our collection and shortlist the ones that appeal to your heart. Are you confused between two or more pieces? Request for a home trial and you get these pieces at your door step. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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