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Kada Bangles: Why Should Women Have All the Glitter?

More often than not, the history of jewellery is more than just a commentary on different trends. It also gives us insights into how ideas of masculinity and femininity changed over centuries. Take, for instance, the case of men’s jewellery. As unbelievable as it might sound, there was a time when men’s ornaments were as elaborate and ornate as women’s. During the reign of Maharajas in India, men wore as many as or more ornaments than women. A glance at any painting of a royal durbar is enough to prove this. With time, most men stopped wearing ornate jewellery in an effort to look more masculine. Today, people stereotype jewellery as a woman’s affair.

Wait before you fall for this stereotype! Men might have stopped wearing pearl danglers or emerald necklaces, but they never gave up on bangles. Yes, we are talking about kada bangles. Through traditional in origin, kadas have undergone many changes and been metamorphosed into a fashion icon these days. At BlueStone, we pay a close attention to these changing trends. Our collection of kada bangle designs is for the modern man who wants to flaunt his twinkle in style.

Why Do Indian Men Wear Kadas?

In India, jewellery is not seen as merely an ornament. It is also symbolic of a person’s cultural background. Alternatively, it may be considered an amulet that offers protection. Many people associate kada bangles with Sikhism. For a Sikh man, a kada is part of the five Ks they must follow. It is worn as a reminder of their faith and commitment to God.

However, men of all religions may buy kada bangles online. Some of our most popular designs include the Bhyrav Kada for Him and the Vedaanth Kada for Him. Some historians also believe that the kada is derived from protective gear worn by swordsmen. A kada like the Vans Kada for Him or the Alok Kada for Him may be worn on the left or right hand. Today, wearing a kada is also symbolic of social status. In parts of southern India gold is seen as a measure of a man’s social standing. Hence, it is not uncommon to see a man sporting a broad kada like the Ranveer Kada for Him.

Kadas That Make a Fashion Statement

At BlueStone, we offer a number of trendy kada bangles online. Our designs range from slim kadas like the Arjun Kada for Him to broader designs like the Amit Kada for Him. The best kada bangle for a man depends not only on his budget but also on his personality. Designs like the Vidyuth Kada for Him would complement a man with classic tastes. The Udith Kada for Him is another favourite of our customers from this category.

However, not all men like classic designs. Some have a thing for bolder designs. The Ayush Kada for Him and the Nirvay Kada for Him are your best picks when you want to draw attention and make a bold style statement.

What Makes Men’s Kadas Stand Out?

Men’s kada bangles do not typically feature any gemstones. The designs in our collection are made of 22kt plain gold without any stone embellishments. However, they are not always plain. Our kada bangles collection is ornamented in many different ways. For example, the Harish Kada for Him features sharp singular cuts that give it a multi-faceted look. The Deven Kada for Him and the Abijeet Kada for Him feature intricately etched details.

Rhodium polish is another feature you can see in men’s bangles. This polish gives gold a white look and hence creates a contrast. The Bhargav Kada for Him and the Vashisht Kada for Him are two such designs we offer. Most kada designs feature geometric motifs and patterns. For example, the Agastya Kada for Him features a series of circles while the Swayambhu Kada for Him features a crisscross pattern.

Sizing a Kada

Unlike pendants or earrings, kadas are not one-size-fits-all jewellery. Our kada bangles are available in 8 sizes. They vary in diametre from 54mm to 76.2mm. A kada that fits you perfectly will slide over your hand easily, but it will not slip off your hand either. If you already wear a kada, measure the inner diametre to find your kada size. This measurement should then be correlated to a bangle size chart. Even if you do not have a kada that fits you, you can find your ideal bangle size. For this, you will need to measure the circumference of a bangle that would fit you. To determine this, wrap a strip of paper around the widest part of your hand. Mark the meeting point and measure the length between the two points. This will give you the circumference that can, in turn, determine your ideal bangle size.

How to Buy Kada Bangles?

At BlueStone we offer a number of new designs in kada bangles to cater to the varying preferences of our customers. Our kada bangles are typically made in 22kt gold, which is the highest purity for making durable jewellery. You can also lower the caratage and get them made in 18kt gold. The decrease in caratage helps reduce kada bangle prices to a considerable extent.

Some designs like the Manoj Kada for Him comes with the next-day-delivery option. Many men also like to try on a kada before buying one. One of the key differences between online and offline shopping is that offline jewellers allow you to try on a piece before you make the purchase. At BlueStone, we attempt to bridge this gap. So we offer you home trial facility at no additional cost. This facility is available in a few select cities. So, all you need to do now is to pick your favourite design and find your bangle size.

When you have BlueStone as your trusted jewellery partner, why shy away from making a powerful style statement? Be unique! Be you!

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