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Women's Bangles: Of Tradition and Fashion

In her poem the Bangle Sellers, Sarojini Naidu, the great Indian poet, rightly calls bangles the “delicate, bright rainbow-tinted circles of light”. For the women in India, bangles render many meanings. The tradition of wearing bangles was prevalent in many ancient Indian cultures and the evidence of the use of bangles was unearthed from Mohenjo-Daro. As an inevitable part of bridal jewellery and ceremonies, women’s bangles still hold a special place in the heart of Indian women. We, at BlueStone, bring to you a mesmerising collection of women’s bangle designs that are aesthetically designed and are ideal as workwear and statement pieces.

Women’s bangles: An integral part of tradition

Any Indian traditional affair, both South Indian and North Indian, is incomplete without the presence of bangles on the women’s hands. Even today, bangles are an integral part of bridal jewellery in India. No Maharashtrian wedding is considered complete without the splash and jingle of chooda bangles. The baby shower ceremonies in India are no exception to the rule. Bangles are gifted to a mom-to-be and it is believed that these bangles can ward off evil spirts from the mom-to-be and the to-be-born.

The line between fashion and tradition is blurring. While our grandmothers and mothers wore bangles as a part of tradition, we, the modern women of India flaunt them as a fashion statement. Today, every woman owns a bangle, not as part of tradition perhaps, but as a symbol of style and elegance.

BlueStone: Your one stop destination to buy women's bangle designs

To cater to the fashion and traditional preferences of women, BlueStone presents an impressive range of women's bangle designs. Our designs are available in both white gold and gold and they come in different caratages. If you like embellishments on your bangles, we have diamond, ruby and emerald studded pieces in store. These irresistible bangles are reasonably priced and we also run deals on selected items from time to time so that every woman can fulfill her dream of owning this stylish piece of jewellery.

What makes BlueStone the best place to buy women's bangles online is not just our prices or our fabulous range, but our home try-on option which allows you to try on the bangles you like at the conform of your home before making the purchase. 

Bangles for the lovers of diamond and gold

The combination of gold and diamond never ceases to fascinate women. For the lovers of gold and diamond, we have finely crafted pieces such as the Grazia Bangle, the Marala Flexible Bangle, the Kamalnayana Bangle, and the Azfer Bangle. These bangles are made of 18kt gold and are studded with beautiful diamonds.

Multi-stone embellished gold bangles for women

We know that diamond is not the only gem that captures the imagination of women and that is why we have bangles studded with emerald, ruby, and pearls. The Paragon Bangle studded with off white pearl, diamond, and emerald is one of the most sought-after bangles by women across India. The Flora Allure Bangle embellished with white pearl and ruby has found a special place in many modern women’s jewellery collection. The Kalakriti Bangle studded with emerald, ruby and diamond is considered by many as an essential classic bangle. These bangles are made of 18kt gold.

If you are looking for a stunning bangle to wear with your designer saree, why not try the Laiba Bangle? This colourful 22kt gold bangle is sure to enhance your grace and elegance.

White is beautiful too

Our handpicked collection of 18kt white gold bangles accented with diamond includes the Miles to Go Bangle, the Katayun Oval Bangle, Shokufeh Oval Bangle, and the Cantara Bangle. These bangles are artistically crafted and are ideal for parties and dressy events.

There is more to explore and do not worry about going over the roof with the budget as our women's bangles price is unbelievably low. Browse through our range and let the bangle choose you.

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