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18k Gold Bangles

18k Gold Bangle: Glittering Hand Adornments for All

Gold bangles are the easiest and best gifts and pieces to own. They can be worn by women of all generations and passed down to their daughters or daughters-in-law. An investment in a gold bangle is anything but an investment gone wrong. These everlasting circles of gold are nothing short of beauty, self-worth and all the compliments that they deserve. Proved to be some of the best and most durable of the jewellery lot, gold bangles go a long way. They not only match any outfit you wear, they also complement other pieces of hand adornments. Choose from BlueStone’s exhaustive range of 18k gold bangle designs right from daily wear to special occasion ones.

18k Gold Bangle: Of Simple Bands and Exquisite Pieces

We have designs that please and appeal to the senses of every jewellery enthusiast. If you are someone who finds beauty in simplicity, think of the likes of simple bangles such as the Azfer Bangle, the Soyiah Bangle, the Ribah Bangle or the Simara Bangle. The elements that lie in common with all these pieces are the elements of simplicity and neatness. The bangles offer clean cuts and basic patterns to suit your day to day needs. While on one hand you have daily wear pieces, on the other hand there are complex versions of gold rims with one or more gemstones meant for parties, such as the Murari Bangle, the Nipuna Bangle, the Monille Bangle, the Simrit Bangle and the Afnaa Bangle. Compare the 18k gold bangles price and choose the bangle you like.

Bask in Festivity: Buy 18k Gold Bangle Designs

A celebration calls for something bold and beautiful. There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion or bask in the mist of festivity than with bolder and brighter pieces of jewellery. In this case, look up our collection of 18k gold bangle designs and select the best pieces.

A festival calls for something fancier than the usual. It not only marks a special moment in the family but also stands for togetherness and remembrance. Pick the well-embellished bangles glittering in gold and diamonds like the Sreshta Bangle, the Murari Bangle or the Sirene Bangle or choose the ones with slight twists and bends in their patterns such as the Loriet Bangle, the Tairyt Bangle or the Rehi Bangle. Sometimes, the addition of more than one gemstone makes the bangle look more attractive and festive. The proud winners of this category are the Nupur Bangle incorporating rubies, the Ulys Bangle with alternating peridot and amethyst and the Asami Cuff Bangle with its leaf-like setting of emeralds. Buy 18k gold bangles online across the category you like.

Pearls are the purest forms of serene beauty and are often associated with being white. Imagine pearl drops alternating with fancy gemstones around the circumference of the bangle. Take a look at the Sabrina Bangle, the Paragon Bangle, the Waverly Bangle, the Fire and Ice Bangle and the Cleodora Bangle.

Circles of Glitter for Kids: Buy 18k Gold Bangles Online

The designers at BlueStone have never disappointed women, men or children and have offered a range of jewellery to all ages and genders alike. Neither has it compromised on any occasion or special moment that calls for skilfully attentive detailing. Let’s not leave out the kids when it comes to bangles. We have cute pieces exclusively designed for your little princess. Imagine how cute they would look with tiny little bangles on their wrists. Choose from the Iona Bangle, the Ivalyn Bangle and the Jaclyn Bangle. These delicate pieces with minimal diamond detailing look so pretty on special occasions. Here is a range of the most beautiful diamond and gold studded bouquet you can imagine. Choose from the Starrylight Bangle, the Maya Flexible Bangle, the Fosyah Bangle and the Clyse Bangle.

Buy 18k gold bangle designs from our site - not just the pieces talked about, but many more can be bought online. Wear the pretty pieces daily or store the heavier ones for special occasions and celebrations.

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