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Strike Gold with Rose Gold Earring Designs

Rose gold has the power to lend a soft, blossoming pink hue to a jewelled rose and a lovely blush to an ornate heart. This precious metal was first used by Carl Faberge, who was a jeweller to Russian royalty, in his world-renowned Faberge Eggs. Later in the 1920s, other jewellers (including Cartier and his famous Trinity Ring) started using rose gold to create highly creative designs for royalty and noblemen. Its pinkish hue gave jewellery a uniquely warm and light-hearted finish. We, at BlueStone, celebrate this precious metal with a fabulous range of rose gold jewellery and the crown of this collection is our rose gold earring designs. Ranging from fashionable abstracts and delicately shaped hearts to timeless florals and ornate butterflies, there is a pair to go with any look. Whether you are rewarding yourself with a dash of pink or you wish to gift a pair to a loved one, the plethora of designs in our collection will have you spoilt for choice.

With Floral Rose Gold Earring Designs, It’s Spring All Year

Rose gold aka rose gold is often said to be the perfect complement to spring; its pleasant warmth reflects the life and freshness of the season. Our rose gold earring collection has a number of floral and foliage patterns, inspired by the beauty of spring. The Summer Rose Earrings, for example, are meticulously designed to perfection. Each petal has gently folded edges to make it a realistic replica and at the centre of the blossom is a beautiful red ruby. Being studs, these can be worn with any outfit.

If you’re looking for a subtle accent for your evening wear, pick the Fresh Tulip Earrings. These are dainty and diamond-encrusted with pristine pearls dangling from buds. This stunning floral piece will have a few heads turned for all the right reasons. In tribute to the fresh, green foliage of spring, we have come up with designs like the Eleanor Drop Earrings and the Alice Hoop Earrings, both of which replicate curving vines. Intricately crafted and discreetly sized, they match almost any event and outfit.

Where there are flowers, there will be butterflies, just like the Adriana Butterfly Earrings. Designed to emulate butterflies in flight, their rose-gold wings are offset by diamond bodies, each holding a singular, perfect dangling pearl. If you are aiming to cause a stir, this eloquent design is definitely up to the job. The Ashley Butterfly Earrings and the Eva Butterfly Earrings are among the stunning pieces in this collection.

Hearts of Rose Gold: Buy Rose Gold Earrings Online

The interpretations of the heart motif in jewellery are wide and varied. Yet, when designers use the soft sheen of rose gold to depict this universal symbol of love, jewellery is given an added glow. One of the most endearing pieces from this collection, the Alonza Quartz Earrings, feature rose quartz stones shaped as adorable hearts and set in the pattern of a three-leaf clover. Combining love and luck in one go, these danglers are subtle enough to be worn with professional wear and yet, make a statement with a summery sundress.

If you want a bolder approach, the Letifa Earrings have a dangling outline of a heart filled with smaller hearts and diamonds, which give them a sparkling finish. Another stunner from this collection, the Betty Heart Earrings feature diamonds and rose quartz in a dazzling Sui Dhaga setting. That’s not all. Our Mariana Heart Earrings, Priyanka Heart Earrings, and Heart to Heart Drop Earrings are all eye-catchy designs that are sure to fetch you loads of appreciation and a few glances of envy from your friends and peers.

Buy Rose Gold Earring Designs for a Fashionable Look

The famous Coco Chanel once said that in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. At BlueStone, we understand this and strive to keep the diversity of our collections intact by providing you with ever-evolving designs. The Megan Drop Earrings, for example, embodies the essence of contemporary fashion – an intricately shaped orb dangles by a slim rose gold chain from a perfect pearl stud.

The Mukta Front Back Earrings give you an innovative design with a golden pearl stretching out in the front and a white pearl looping down from the back. The Primrose Front Back Earring is a minimalist take on the chandelier earring style. Beginning with a delicate primrose stud, encrusted with diamonds, it ends with three emeralds dangling from slim rose-gold link chains. The Dawnelle Stud Earrings feature a unique geometric design studded with diamonds and these best suit your fashionista avatar.

Pearls and Pink: The Killer Combination in Rose Gold Earring Designs

Pearls and pink? Oh yes, and they get along very well. When you buy rose gold earring designs from us, you get to choose from a classy range of pearl earrings. Take, for instance, the Farida Stud Earrings and the Maisie Stud Earrings. They both feature white pearls and golden pearls set against the whimsical and warm hues of pink. If you have a thing for drops, go for the Almeta Drop Earrings or the Pearlina Drop Earrings. When you have this pink-and-pearl combination in your jewellery collection, you needn’t try hard or long to make an impression; they will do it for you, boisterously and powerfully.

With a collection that caters to a variety of tastes and pieces that suit a number of occasions, you can always find something you love. With BlueStone keeping the rose gold earrings price competitive, you have a collection that caters to your budget. Go ahead, treat yourself and buy rose gold earrings online. We promise that it won’t empty your wallet.

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