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Women's Jewellery: Live Your Life Queen Size

Jewellery is an integral part of every modern woman’s wardrobe. And when it comes to selecting ornaments, they always have a fetish for gold jewellery, platinum jewellery and diamond jewellery. The concept of Jewellery was found in the ancient times and Africans designed their ornaments such as earrings, chains and bracelets with stone, metals and snail shells. In the Roman society, women celebrated their life by wearing precious stones engraved on metals. The Egyptians took this trend one step ahead, and started designing their ornaments with gold and stones.

Gone are the days of stones and shells, the modern woman can buy trendy or traditional women’s jewellery designs from online stores without even stepping out of the comfort of their homes. The best part of the online deal is that an elegantly designed women’s jewellery comes at an affordable price and often with great discount.

Women's jewellery designs: BlueStone’ corporate bonanza

Parties are an integral part of corporate life. When you attend a corporate party, you need to wear ornaments that make you stand out. For instance, a dazzling diamond pendant, a gold bracelet or a small diamond stud can help you be the centre of attraction. At BlueStone, we have an extensive collection of work wear jewellery that you can wear to office everyday. From the stunning Bryttani Ring to the minimalistic Minia Earrings, and from the Grazia Bangle to the Aashika Pendant, we have every piece of jewellery an officegoer longs for. The studs and earrings we have in the office wear jewellery collection follow minimalist as well as intricate designs and are in line with the latest workwear jewellery patterns.

Women's jewellery designs: The fascinating jhumkas

No women’s jewellery design collection is complete without the jhumkas. At BlueStone, we have an extensive collection of jhumkas including the Fatima Detachable Jhumka, the Radhika Detachable Jhumka, and the Mayura Jhumka. These jhumkas are designed with gold and are embedded with pearl, diamond, ruby and emerald.

Women's jewellery designs: Bangles specially designed for you

On a moonlit evening, when you hold your beloved’s hand, you need to wear something special which can make you look elegant. A gold bangle studded with diamonds, emerald or ruby can be a perfect combination with your gorgeous jhumkas and bright necklace. At BlueStone, you can choose the Chavi Bangle, the Murari Bangle or the Rytra Bangle for your romantic dates.

For the beloved husband who wants to surprise his wife, BlueStone recommends the Sirene Bangle and the Juhi Bangle.

Women's jewellery designs: Look gorgeous in a necklace

BlueStone brings to you an extensive collection of necklaces including the Subha Necklace, the Sundar Sakhi Necklace, and the Nayantara Necklace. The necklaces are designed in gold and embedded with diamonds, ruby and emeralds.

We, at BlueStone take every possible effort to make the modern women’s lives easier by offering the best platform to buy women's jewellery online. The designs are available in yellow and white gold and are embellished with diamonds, emerald and ruby. Take a look at our priced collection and choose your pick.

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