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Ornaments for the wrist have been constantly emerging and evolving with the changing times. Gold bracelets have become a popular form of jewellery for the modern woman. Replacing the age old bangles, bracelets have found their way to women’s jewellery collections and unsurpsingly so. Classy and contemporary, the bracelet is ideal for everyday wear and has a touch of tradition. If you are not much into bangles, you are likely to find your ideal wrist-mate in bracelets!

Bracelets: As old as 5000 BCE.

The etymology of bracelet can be traced to ‘brachile’, a Greek word meaning ‘of the arm’. The history of this elegent piece of ornament is as old as 5000 BCE. In those days, they were made from bones, stones, and wood  and over the centuries, they gained religious as well as aesthetic significance in different cultures across the globe.

Gold bracelet designs: Traditional, yet modern

A stunningly designed gold bracelet adds charm and elegance to any outfit. The best way to wear it is to match it with a watch and you are good to go. Available in hundreds of designs and patterns, this stylish and contemporary form of hand ornament is suitable for all age groups.

Buy gold bracelets online: BlueStone brings you the largest collection

BlueStone brings you the largest and finest collection of bracelets in gold for women. Buy gold bracelets online from our wide collection that consists of traditional, contemporary, and everyday designs, crafted to perfection.

Gold bracelets for him and her

There are only a few jewellery types that are liked by men and woman alike.  Luckily, bracelets are one amongst them. At BlueStone, we cater to the fashion needs of both genders by offering an impressive range of gold bracelet designs. For the men of class we have the Stalwart Bracelets, the Style Sync Bracelets, the Fame Bracelts, to mention a few.Female fashionstas are sure to take an instant liking to almost everything in our collection from the Inan Bracelt and the Valerie Bracelt to the Camilla Bracelt and the Love Affair Openable Bracelt.

Apart from these, there is an amazing collection for you to take your pick from. Our display is constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and the changing needs of our customers.

BlueStone: Hallmarked for purity

You can also buy a gold bracelet based on the purity of gold, which includes 18kt, 22kt and 14kt. The purity of the gold and the type of precious stones carved in it determine gold bracelets price. Light weight gold bracelets ornated with precious stones such as diamonds, gemstones, ruby, pearls, emeralds and amethyst are a thing of beauty and a joy forever! Our unique designs and competitive prices will help you pick the finest piece to your heart’s content. 

Gold never goes out of fashion and has a high resale value. With hundreds of designs and a wide price range, BlueStone brings you a collection that is hard to resist and harder to find a match elsewhere.

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