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Religious Rings

Religious Rings for Men and Women

This New Year, are you looking for a special piece of jewellery? Do you want jewellery that is an extension of your religious beliefs? Are you thinking religious rings? Then look no further. BlueStone has just the right designs for you.

Religion and jewellery have gone hand in hand for centuries. In India, the idea of adorning one’s body with a symbol of one’s religion has been in practice among Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims. Be it Jesus’s cross as a pendant, or the rudraksha, carrying an every-day reminder of one’s faith is rather common place for both men and women. What is interesting, however, is the way this has evolved from raw materials like wood and limestone to newer and finer metals and stones. While semi-precious stones are an integral part of religious jewellery design, gold and diamonds are also heavily used as the base for these gems.

Buy Religious Rings Online: Ring in the Blessings with Your Choice

At BlueStone, we have a growing range of tastefully crafted religious ring designs. We have kept our religious rings’ price affordable so that you do not have to create a dent in the pocket to own an artistically crafted symbol of your faith. Here is a sneak peek into our collection.

The Padmalakshmi Ring is a tasteful religious ring design with matt finish gold sheen. Matt sheen allows for gold to become a part of one’s everyday wear. Atop the ring is a lotus flower beautifully carved out of the single band of gold. This would be the ideal choice if you are looking to add a regular ring to go with whatever you choose to wear any given day! The Padmalakshmi Ring is a classic piece for just that.

The Guardian Om Ring is a sight to behold. This is a clever design of a two-band ring held together with the letters Om etched out in between. While there are no stone or mount on this one, it still does manage to make quite a powerful statement. A reminder to chant your prayers and do it every day in the form of a ring is a great idea. What’s more? There can be immense benefits from wearing it too. Bring on the positive vibes!

You can also step it up a notch with the Divine Trishool Ring. This is a spectacular choice for men who are looking to add a piece of religious jewellery design to their wardrobe. The ring is masculine in every way. Gold wraps itself around a thick white band with Lord Shiva’s trishool as a mount. The perfect choice for the new age man!

The Heart Chakra Ring stands out in this collection as a one-of-a-kind piece thanks to the pink tourmaline gemstone at its centre. Designed to be a gorgeous sun, this 18kt gold ring is a feminine ring with a touch of colour. Purple signifies royalty and no better way to wear it with pride other than a ring to bring forth light and brightness to your life.

The Divine Om Ring is for the man of your life - the man who lights up your day and has been a source of inspiration in your life. He is going to love you for this ring because it is a truly unique piece for men. A diamond encrusted Om sits atop a gold band to signify strength, courage, boldness and worth. Although not an everyday piece, it can be worn on days of puja, an auspicious celebration or a momentous occasion at home. The ring is versatile in its look and can be worn with any Indian traditional outfit. Don’t miss the sparkle.

The Sai Nath Ring was made by popular demand. Shirdi Sai Baba worshippers are believed to wear his symbols as jewellery for decades now, and a ring to mark this is an ideal choice. Using 18kt gold and diamonds, Shirdi Sai Baba comes alive in your everyday life. Wear it daily to feel the divine blessings and embark on a journey with his teachings guiding you every step of the way.

There is more to explore. Browse through our range and buy stunning religious ring designs from us.

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