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What can be more personalized than Alphabet pendants? That cute piece of jewellery that adds glamour to your chain, the pendant, is an extremely important of one’s attire. From amulet to Talisman, and from Locket to Medallion, pendants have come a long way in form of style and design.

The word pendant comes from the French word “pendre”, which translate into “to hang down”. In time, immemorial, the pendant is the oldest known bodily ornament.

History Of Pendants

The Pharaohs, in Ancient Egypt, used to wear scarab beetle as pendants to symbolize their power and wealth. Could have ever imagined that today’s delicate, beautiful pendants began their journey as scarab beetle! Anyways, moving on, thankfully, during the Middle Ages, in late Gothic and Renaissance, necklaces with gemstone pendants became popular. Though the reason for wearing pendants remained the same – showing off one’s riches! Throughout the fourteenth to early seventeenth centuries, the pendants were known as a measure of one’s social status.

During the same period, cross pendants were worn, believing the fact that they relic the true crucifix. Pendants, during those times, were worn to signify one’s religious sentiments. Being an object of one’s social status to being a reflection of one’s religious beliefs, the modern-day pendants have travelled a long way!

Journey To Alphabet Pendants

The modern-day design includes lockets, floral patterns, hearts pendants, single diamond pendants and so on! One of the pendant design that is catching up on the popularity charts is the alphabet pendant. Being extremely close to one’s personality, the various alphabet pendant designs are real popular as gifts. And the best part, there’s a pendant for each of us!

Alphabet Pendant Designs

The alphabet pendant style began as plain pendants. There was no stone used in the entire design. The finishing of the alphabet made each pendant stand out from the rest. Even with precious metals like platinum or white gold, the theme didn’t change much. A small addition in the later stages was an introduction of a circle inside which the alphabet was written or an external border around the alphabet.

Studded Design

With evolution in design, craftsmanship also showed some magic! Alphabets were made studded with small stones or diamonds. Either the entire alphabet was studded or the end of the alphabet or at one edge.

Mixed Design

Other designs that have evolved include mixed metal pendant. The alphabet is made of a single metal, say gold on one side, and with another metal for the remaining part, say white gold. The combination of mixed metals further enhanced the look of the pendant. With modern-day craftsmanship, mesh design is also becoming popular. The entire alphabet is carved with mesh design, with an icing on the cake of a gemstone or diamond!

No could have ever imagined that pendants would evolve from the beetle ones to the modern-day meshed alphabets!

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