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Diamond Alphabet Pendants

Diamond Alphabet Pendants: Unique Jewellery for the Unique You

Would we prefer wearing the exact same dress or fashion accessory half a dozen of our friends already have? Chances are thin! So, we look to personalise things to the fullest extent possible. And, what better way to do this than with your own initials? People often go for monogrammed towel sets and monogrammed crockery. So, why not wear jewellery with your initials on it?

You know what we are talking about, don’t you?

Yes, alphabet pendants. As a child, you may have had a colourful, beaded pendant that spelt out your name. You cherished it. You valued it like a treasure. Now, as you celebrate the joys of adulthood, you can transform that playful pendant into a sophisticated style statement.

Wondering how?

Just pick one of our diamond alphabet pendants designs. Made of gold and studded with diamonds, these trinkets serve as a unique style statement. Check out this collection and get a piece of personalised jewellery for yourself, today.

Need a Reason to Sport an Alphabet?

When you buy diamond alphabet pendants online, you can choose your own initial or someone else’s. Choosing your own initial doesn’t mean that you don’t remember your name. Instead, it reminds you to be proud of your own self.

For instance, if your name starts with M or R, you could choose designs like the Liham M Pendant and the Liham R Pendant. For someone whose name starts with C, the Liham C Pendant is an ideal pick. The diamonds in these pieces will make you sparkle like a superstar!

That’s not all!

You can also choose to wear an initial of someone else’s name. It could be your husband, your parents, or even your children. You could even wear an initial pendant in remembrance for a loved one who is now not in your life. For example, you could wear one in memory of your beautiful grandmother.

Why Choose Diamond Alphabet Pendants As Gifts?

Diamond alphabet pendants are great gifts you can choose for someone you love. Firstly, pendants are one-size-fits-all. When you choose a ring for a loved one, you should know their finger size. Likewise, you cannot choose a bangle without knowing the wrist size. But, you don’t have to worry about the size when you buy a pendant as a gift.

Secondly, these pendants are made of gold and studded with diamonds. This is a precious combination where a precious metal meets a precious gemstone. When you want to gift someone something precious, what’s better than this combination?

Thirdly, you can never go wrong with alphabet pendants. People are different. So are their tastes in jewellery. Some people like modern jewellery while some others prefer traditional designs. Choosing a piece of jewellery without knowing the wearer’s preferences could be a tricky task. But an alphabet pendant solves that problem! It looks beautiful no matter whether the design looks traditional or modern.

Are these enough reasons to buy a diamond-studded alphabet pendant? Buy it, gift it to a loved one, and make them feel special.

How to Style You Initial Pendants?

Choosing the right pendant is important, but equally important it is to choose a chain of right metal and size. You can wear a gold pendant like Liham P Pendant on a long or short gold chain. A white gold design like the Italia L Pendant looks its best when worn on a white or rose gold chain.

The shortest length of a necklace is known as a choker. This sits close to the neck. A pendant paired with a choker will sit between your collar bones. You could also wear initial pendants like the Liham A Pendant and the Elegant E Pendant on a matinee length chain. This is usually 20-24” long. When worn on this chain, your pendant will fall just above the bust.

When you buy diamond alphabet pendants designs, you don’t have to choose just one pendant. You could layer necklaces of different lengths with different initial pendants. For example, if your husband’s name started with M and your daughter’s name started with D, you could layer necklaces with the Merry M Pendant and the Dynamic D Pendant.

Sprue Up with BlueStone’s Eclectic Collection

Two or more people can have the same name but no two people have the same personality. The best diamond alphabet pendant for a person is one that matches her nature and style. Thus, we created not one but three different initial pendant collections.

First is the Liham series. The Liham O Pendant and the Liham J Pendant belong to the first collection. These pendants are sleek and have a classic appeal. The designs are crafted in gold but have sections highlighted in rhodium plating and diamonds.

The second collection consists of designs like the Fun F Pendant and the Ravishing R Pendant. The pieces in this collection are also made of gold. These designs have a modernistic edge and are bolder by nature. They are highlighted with a single diamond.

Not everyone likes the look of gold. Hence, our third collection – Italia Collection - is crafted in white gold. This boasts of designs like the Italia M Pendant and the Italia D Pendant. Like the second collection, these designs also feature a single diamond. What makes it different is the white colour of gold and circle around each alphabet.

How to Buy Diamond Alphabet Pendants?

You can buy trendy diamond alphabet pendants online for yourself or as a gift for someone else. At BlueStone, we have a pendant for each letter of the alphabet. You just need to choose between gold and white gold.

For example, for a woman whose name starts with the letter G, you could pick the Gorgeous G Pendant or the Italia G Pendant. If you are looking for gold pendants, your next choice is between a single-stone pendant and one that features many diamonds.

You could also choose between 18k and 14k gold. As the purity of gold comes down, the diamond alphabet pendants price also comes down. Some of our new designs in diamond alphabet pendants can be bought with next day delivery in select cities.

So, next time you want to buy a beautiful pendant, give floral and geometric designs a rest. Instead, go for a uniquely beautiful alphabet pendant. After all, what better captures your character than your very name!

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