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Officewear Pendants: Turning Workwear from Drab to Dazzling

Here’s a news flash for whoever said that officewear is boring: jewellery has taken workwear by a storm! You can wear some of the best pieces of beautiful jewellery without going overboard with bling. Are you wondering how? Just add one of our officewear pendant designs to your office attire and you’re all set to make a statement even in your work clothes. You can buy one or more of BlueStone’s chic and trendy officewear pendants online from the comforts of your home. And when you do, you can be sure that dressing up for work will become a more exciting activity than the dreary chore that it used to be!

BlueStone’s Officewear Pendants Collection: A Tribute to Working Women

The exciting range of golden beauties in our extensive officewear pendants collection is a tribute to working women who had limited choice in terms of subtle jewellery perfect to wear to work. The pendants in our assortment of handpicked pieces will mesmerise you with their simple yet glamorous designs. The new designs in officewear pendants that we have shortlisted for you include pendants made of gold, white gold, or a combination of the two colours. You can also choose from a variety of pendants crafted from different purities of gold when you buy officewear pendants online at BlueStone, your exclusive online jewellery partner.

The best thing about our officewear pendants collection is they are compact and feature intricate designs without compromising on their lustre and glossy sheen. They offer just the right amount of shine so as to stay subtle while complementing your office wear. You can match the pendants in our collection with anything from a sari, kurta pyjama, salwar kameez, or shirt and trouser or skirt. All of them, without any exception, are designed to look great with all types of office attires. Their unique design will also make you stand out and emphasise your perfect sense of fashion. Our collection includes pendants made of solid gold in a single colour, pieces featuring two or even all the three shades of gold, including white, yellow, and rose, pendants studded with gemstones, and more.

Buy Officewear Pendant Designs: Solid Gold Pendants for You

If you’re looking for an officewear pendant made of solid gold without precious gemstones studded on it, we have just the right pieces for you. The Quest of Love Openable Pendant is a quirky accessory to add a touch of fun to your formal office attire. But beware, it might spark conversations — don’t say that we didn’t warn you! It is made of high purity 22kt gold and features an openable, heart-shaped design. The Gyza Pendant is another 22kt pendant that is smart and gorgeous at the same time. It features an interesting design that looks like a square from the front and a pyramid when seen from the side. The Spherical Wonder Pendant stays true to its name. Its spherical silhouette with three asymmetric chains hanging below it is crafted from 22kt gold. Its glamorous design peppered with rhodium-coated contrasting white segments will indeed make you wonder how anything manmade can be so stunning!

Add a Touch of Glitter with Studded Officewear Pendants

Among some of our best officewear pendants are those studded with precious gemstones, including diamonds, emeralds, pink tourmalines, sapphires, aquamarine, rubies, topaz, and other shimmering stones. The Rohal Pendant will floor you with its elegance. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with multiple sparkling diamonds and an emerald. The golden prong setting brings out the beauty of the green emerald cut stone.

The Flowery Panache Pendant is a swirl of fiery red with multiple marquise rubies set on 18kt white gold. The Urban Charm Pendant is a piece of contemporary jewellery that redefines modern design with a trillion aquamarine and amethyst set on 18kt white gold, a round diamond in between the two stone. The Ava Pendant is a charming officewear pendant made of 18kt gold and studded with a round, smooth pearl. If you want a pendant that carries the initials of your name, browse our collection for diamond-studded letter pendants available in different shades of gold.

Pendants That Flaunt a Splash of Colour and Superior Craftsmanship

In our officewear pendants collection, all that glitters is undeniably gold! However, the gold in our exclusive assortment of best officewear pendants is not limited to yellow, white, and rose. We’ve also included pieces that add a breath of freshness to our pieces without affecting their attractive officewear pendants price. The Egyptian Charm Pendant will take you back to the time when Cleopatra enchanted one too many with her mysterious beauty. This pendant is made of 18kt gold and features green horizontal lines that offer a beautiful contrast to the sunny yellow base. The Fiery Passion Pendant features a 22kt gold flower with petals painted red.

You can choose from a wide range of trendy officewear pendants online when you shop for your jewellery at BlueStone. What’s more? You can also get these designs customised in the gold purity of your choice. If you want to see how a particular design looks on you before you make the purchase, you can opt for our try-at-home option. We deliver your favourites at your doorstep and you try your favourite pieces on without any obligation of purchase. With BlueStone offering the best office pendants in fabulous designs and patterns, you will find yourself looking forward to Mondays!

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