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A chain is a series of connected links that are typically made of metal. The genesis of the chain goes as far back as the Stone Age and was ordinarily made of stones, shells, bones, teeth, or paws. Formed through chasing and assembling; these materials were strung on a string and worn around the neck. Until 2500 B.C. gold was not being utilised for chains as a jewellery. Around this time, individuals began alternating designs of beads, shaded stones, and gemstones, and metals like copper or silver. We can trait the dynamic varieties in ladies' and men's with yellow and white gold with various metal purity, platinum, and sterling silver chains to the Ancient Egyptians. Through the ages, individuals have worn adornments for various reasons; some to symbolise religion or confidence, others for monetary or economic wellbeing.

Chains of today encompass every size, shape and style. Women and men alike from all classes across the

Mangalsutra Chains

The word “Mangala sutra” derived from Sanskrit term “mangala” which refers to "holy” or “auspicious" and term “sutra” refers to "thread”. Hence  Mangalsutra, literally means the “sacred-thread”. Mangalsutra like gold chain or black bead chain is an important part of the Hindu culture. It’s a chain that a Hindu groom ties around the bride's neck in a marriage ceremony. Historically, the tradition seems to have originated in the 5th - 6th century CE. In the Indian context,  this type of chain is addressed by different names like 'Thaali' and 'Mangalyam' in South India, 'Minnu' and 'Dehjoor' in North India. BlueStone offers Black Bead Mangalsutra chains for regular and office wear with single and double row chains. The length of the chain will vary from 16” to 24”. The majority of people wish to buy Chains online so they could customise it as per their specifications. We also offer exclusive Mangalsutra pendant and a matching pendant to go with the chain for all occasions. Among the best pieces listed under this collection is “THE MANGALSUTRA DOUBLE LINE OPEN CHAIN”.

Plain Gold Chains

BlueStone offers Plain gold chains in both 18kt gold and 22kt gold metal purity. Customers can choose chain length from 16” to 24”. These are simple elegant designs that go well with a list of pendants offered at BlueStone. For everyday jewellery, we suggest 18kt gold purity as it’s much stronger compared to 22kt gold. At the point when choosing what karat your gold chain ought to be, remember that the purer the gold, the gentler and less solid it will be. One of the best pieces listed under this collection is “THE Gold CABLE CHAIN”.

Today, customers prefer to buy a variety of chains online due to the sheer availability of choice of exclusive chains designs and the competitive online chain prices.

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