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Women's Chains

Women’s Chain Designs: An Eternal Favourite of Jewellery Lovers

What was the first neck ornament you ever owned or wore? In all likelihood, it was a simple chain with a pendant. Years passed and trends in neck ornaments changed, but that plain gold chain continues to remain your favourite. Most women have such a chain – an emotional asset - in their jewellery collection, gifted by parents or a loved one on their fifteenth birthday, on the day graduation, or to mark a special occasion. From children to young women and older women, chains are a must-have piece of jewellery. Some women wear a chain to accentuate their beauty while others wear a chain for sentimental reasons. Whatever be your reasons for wearing a chain, you will find the right one in BlueStone’s beautiful collection of women’s chain designs.

Why Buy Women’s Chain Designs?

Women’s plain gold chains are ideal forms of investment because they are made of solid gold, without any stone embellishments. However, that’s not the only reason to wear a chain. While a diamond or emerald necklace is beautiful and exquisite, such heavy pieces might not be suitable for everyday use. For that, you need something simple yet classy, like the women’s chain designs in our collection. Additionally, plain chains are the best way to highlight the beauty of a gold pendant. If you look at the trends in necklaces, you can see that they change quite fast. A diamond lariat or gemstone choker might not pass the test of time, but the timeless beauty of a plain gold chain will. That’s one more reason for you consider investing in a chain design this season.

Buy Women’s Chain Designs in Yellow and White Gold

When you buy chains from BlueStone, you can choose designs made in yellow and white gold. Gold and yellow are considered synonymous but gold isn’t always yellow. Pure gold is soft and malleable and has a bright golden yellow hue. This is also referred to as 24kt gold. Given its softness, 24kt gold is typically used as bars or coins. When gold is to be crafted into jewellery, it is typically alloyed with other metals to increase its stability. The addition of nickel to pure gold can give it a whitish hue while the addition of copper gives it a pink glow. This is known as white gold and rose gold respectively.

The highest level of purity for white gold and rose gold is 22kt. This implies that it is made of 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of nickel or copper. Gold, white gold and rose gold all follow the same carat system; the higher the carat value is, the softer and more expensive the metal will be. White gold may be a little more expensive as compared to gold. This is because white gold is not pure white but has a slight yellow tinge to it which is covered with a thin layer of rhodium to give it its lustre. Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals used in jewellery and this adds to the women’s chains prices.

Different Types of Chains: What’s The Ideal Chain for You?

There are many different types of gold chains. While men prefer heavy designs, gold chains for women are typically light and delicate. The most important aspect of selecting a chain is finding the perfect link type for your chain. A chain made of gold typically has several links which are joined with one another in a sequence. Trace and rolo styles are simple and delicate while the rope style is a more complex pattern. Besides these, belcher, cable, Figaro, twisted link, Singapore, and snake are some of the popular chain styles.

Our collection of women’s chains is designed in the cable and belcher styles. The cable chain style, as you can see in the Gold Cable Chain, feature links which are connected to each other through a small cable. This style is pretty similar to the cable chain stitch we use in embroidery. If you prefer a cable chain made of white gold instead of gold, opt for the White Gold Cable Chain. The only difference between these two pieces is that one is made of 22kt gold white the other is made of 18kt white gold.

The belcher is another popular and commonly used style you can choose when you buy women’s chain designs from us. The Gold Belcher Chain in our collection has round or oval links which are connected to one another in alternating sequences. This 22kt gold chain can be worn as a long, standalone piece or you can choose to wear it as a short chain with a pendant.

What Chain Length Suits You?

Gold chains are of many lengths. At BlueStone, our range of chains is available in sizes varying from 16 to 24. These numbers relate to the length of the chain in inches. The length of the chain plays an important role in determining the women's chains price. A 16” long chain will typically rest just above your collar cones. This chain length is also known as a choker length. On the other hand, the pendant on a 24” chain will hang just below your bust line. Of these, the most popular and widely used length for a gold chain is 18 inches.

Buy Women's Chains Online from BlueStone

Women’s gold chains can easily be bought online. We offer a range of beautiful gold chains and a number of pendants that you could pick from as well. While gold pendants go well with gold chains, white gold chains are suitable for both white gold and rose gold pendants. When you shop online with us, you can even customise gold jewellery. We also offer you the opportunity to try on a chain at home before you buy it so that you are satisfied with how it looks on you.

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