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Platinum is fine substantial metal; as it is denser and moldable. The word “Platinum” derived from the Spanish term called “platina,” which means “little silver.” Platinum has been mined for quite a long time, with the most elevated focuses found in South Africa, Russia and Canada. It has been found that platinum is additionally found on the surface of the moon and shooting stars.

Platinum” is extremely rare and expensive compared to other precious metals. The color of the Platinum is silver-white, and it’s highly resistant to high temperatures. Platinum can resist more on everyday wear and tear; hence chances of repair will also reduce. However, silver and white gold need more care. Platinum is additionally hypoallergenic, and may not make bothering to delicate skin. Platinum is the hardest and heaviest precious metal with “premium” white metal color.

Platinum is the world's most precious metal being 95% pure and it is naturally white in colour. At present demand for Platinum wedding bands are more when compared to previous years. Since the availability of the platinum in the nature is less and beauty of the platinum has made it as a status symbol up to an extent. Platinum is one of the highest priced metals with low maintenance when compared to any other precious metal. Platinum wedding bands last forever as they are known for their extremely white finish, durability, and rarity, which make them a popular choice for wedding bands.

Platinum Jewellery Care:

Platinum jewellery should be stored in boxes or bags separately to avoid scratches by other pieces. Can use a soft cleanser or jewellery cleanser and warm water, and tenderly rub it with a delicate fabric.

BlueStone offers exclusive range of Platinum Rings, Couple bands to customers. Platinum engagement rings are exclusive beautiful and classic. The look of a platinum ring is classic, stylish, and subtle. It’s a perfect complement to any type of precious stones or diamonds. Solitaire platinum band is one of the most popular ask from our customers. All platinum products at BlueStone are certified with PGI (Platinum Guild International) and unique certificate no is engraved on every product with purity hallmark of “Pt 950”. One of the best piece listed under platinum ring category is “THE ELIE LOVE BAND FOR HER

Platinum Couple Bands

Platinum Couple Bands are the symbol of “Eternal Love” and it’s a perfect gift to celebrate love. Also, platinum enhances a diamond’s sparkle with a white luster that never diminishes. Platinum ring designs or motifs which represent the love and commitment within a relationship are widely sought after. Nowadays people wish to buy Platinum Rings online according to their choice due to the widest choice of platinum ring designs as well as good platinum ring price online. BlueStone offers exclusive range of platinum ring designs which are beautiful, versatile and elegant with both in-house and PGI designs. One of the best piece listed under platinum couple band ring category is “THE CANDIDE LOVE BAND FOR HER” and “THE CANDIDE LOVE BAND FOR HIM


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