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Matching Couple Band Jewellery Designs for the Match Made in Heaven

From classic wedding bands to trendy trinity rings, from expensive solitaire rings to contemporary versions of halo designs, there are many ring designs to celebrate the union of two loving souls. The latest addition to this family is the couple band – i.e. matching rings worn by a man and woman to show that they are a couple. The trend of married couples or lovers wearing the masculine and feminine versions of the same band is currently on the rise. Designers are coming up with newer patterns and designs to meet the tastes and requirements of new age couples. For those who want to celebrate their special match with a pair of matching rings, BlueStone offers a matchless collection of couple band jewellery designs.

Beautiful on their Own, Stunning when Together

Men and women are unique in their own way; and when they are a couple, they complement and complete each other beautifully. The same goes true for couple band jewellery designs. Each piece is beautiful and unique in its own way and when combined with the matching piece, the pair looks fabulous.

Though couple rings are exploding in popularity these days, they are hard to find in the traditional ring collections of offline jewellers. That’s where online jewellery stores like BlueStone come to your aid with stunning designs, fabulous range, and incredibly competitive couple band jewellery prices. If your search for the right match for life is favoured by fortune, nothing should stop you from getting a pair of matching rings to celebrate that union, right?

Designs that Complete Each Other, Figuratively and Literally

Couple bands with incomplete patterns are an instant hit with many young couples. Such rings feature patterns that look incomplete when a ring is taken in isolation. They are complete only when the two rings are placed side by side. Hearts, geometric patterns, infinity symbols, etc. are ideal for making such pairs. When couples exchange these rings on their wedding, they complete each other both figuratively and literally. What a striking symbolism, isn’t it?

Take, for instance, the Profound Love Band for Him and the Profound Love Band for Her in BlueStone’s collection. True to their name, these rings are your best bet when you intend to declare your profound love with a little sparkle and glitter. Half a heart is featured on one ring and the other half on the other ring, and together they form a complete heart when placed together. Made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds, these are among the hot-selling pieces in our couple rings collection.

Couple Band Jewellery Designs for Modern Day Couples

You are an entrepreneur who goes from one meeting to another and your partner is an IT professional who is always on-the-go; you are a performing artist who moves from one city to another and your spouse runs a local business and can’t tag along with you. Guess what? Together or apart, you both can carry your love and companionship in the form of finely designed couple bands.

Take a look at the Clasped Band for Him and its female counterpart. These rings are perfect for everyday use and their simple yet elegant design will enchant you forever. The design is neutral enough to go with any kind of outfit, so you can flaunt your marital status in style whether you are in a formal suit or traditional attire.

The Dual Sonata Ring for Him and the Dual Sonata Ring for Her are symphonies composed in 18kt gold. The white beauty of the rhodium plating along with the sparkle of diamonds gives these rings a new age look.

Buy Couple Jewellery Online and Celebrate Your Union in Style

Weddings and engagements reflect the everlasting love and you certainly need a pair of rings that captures the spirit of those occasions. What better way to celebrate the match made in heaven that by exchanging matching rings? Look at the Antoine Ring for Him and its female version and you would want them on your finger right away. Such is their beauty; such is their grandeur. The 18kt gold body and sparkling line of diamonds make these rings a perfect pick for weddings.

For those who want to go the classic way, we have plain bands that never go out of style. Opt for our Soulmate Ring for Him and Soulmate Ring for Her to give your special moments timeless glitter. If you fancy giving a contemporary twist to the classic band style, choose our two-tone ring designs that include the Divine Union Ring for Him and its female version.

Men out there, the Niamh Ring for Her and the Ciara Ring for Her are ideal gifts you can give your partner on your anniversary. Don’t forget to get yourself the masculine counterpart of these rings!

Buy Couple Band Jewellery Designs to Celebrate Love

Couple band jewellery designs, by their very definition, are a celebration of love and companionship. Engagements and weddings, however, are not the only occasions you can buy or wear these rings. Our couple rings make perfect gifts you can choose for your lover on Valentine’s Day and other lovey-dovey occasions. The Maurice Ring for Him and the Darea Band for Her are made of 18kt gold and they feature the word Je t'aime (I Love You) engraved around the band. Each piece in our couple band jewellery collection is uniquely crafted and you can choose one that fits your personal style.

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