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Love Couple Bands: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

When you are in love, every day seems to be special. And yet there are days when you want to make your beloved feel extra special. Valentine’s Day is one such day. The best way to make your dear one feel more precious on Valentine’s Day is by giving them a gift that tells they mean the world to you. Now, what can be a better gift than a piece of jewellery for the jewel in your life?

Browse the internet and you will be flooded with jewellery gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. From solitaires and colourful gemstones to yellow gold and platinum, your options are many when you look for a sparkling gift for the one you love. But if you want something that can reflect the depth of your emotions, there can be no better choice than love couple band jewellery. At BlueStone, you can be sure to find an exclusive range of love couple bands that can make the best Valentine gift.

What’s So Special about Love Couple Bands?

There is something eternally romantic about love couple bands. As the name indicates, these bands give couples a unique opportunity to express their feelings for each other. But what makes them stand out from other jewellery items is that they are designed to be used by both- one for him and one for her. Don’t you think it’s a great idea to sport identical bands to indicate how you both feel about each other?

And with designs like our Profound Love Band for Him and Profound Love Band for Her, who can deny their charm anyway? This couple band has an incomplete heart design crafted on a yellow gold band. When you bring the two bands together, they make a complete heart, just like you both. Can you find another online Valentine gift option that comes with such novelty? We don’t think so. A gift like this creates feelings of togetherness and memories that last a lifetime.

Proclaim Your Love with Matching Rings

While couple bands with mutually complementing designs are trending hot, ones with matching designs are also equally popular. Such couple bands feature the same design for men’s and women’s rings. The man’s band is typically broader than the women’s version and the amount of gold and the number of diamonds used on each piece might also vary. Yet, they follow the same design principles and patterns and hence make a matching pair of rings. 

Take, for instance, the Ezio Ring for Her. This is a fine an example of the superb craftsmanship of our designers. It has alternate stripes of yellow gold and diamonds. A perfect combination of shine and sparkle, what do you say? While this ring features 21 sparkling diamonds, the man’s version of the same ring – the Ezio Ring for Him – features 28 diamonds. The total weight of diamonds and the total weight of metal used for making the ‘Him’ version is more than the ‘Her’ version. Except for these changes, these two rings look alike in design and pattern.

BlueStone’s Love Couple Bands for Him and Her: A Romantic Affair

When you want to buy Valentine gift that is as timeless as the love you both share, BlueStone is the best place to do so. Designed by expert hands, our love couple bands are unique in every sense of the term. Take a look at our Ciara Ring for Her as an example. This ring features an interlocking link design crafted in yellow gold, with three diamonds to enhance its glow. But it’s the dual tone look of this piece that makes it a true attention grabber. Slip it on to her finger and then hold her hand wearing the Ciara Ring for Him. We are sure the reaction on her face will be priceless.

How about something that symbolises your relationship? Yes, we are talking about love knots! With Niamh Ring for Her, you can make her feel like a royalty. Take a look at the elaborate love knot design in yellow gold and the eye-catching diamond to know why we say so. Of course, we have the Naimh Ring for Him to celebrate the king in you pampering his queen. You can find many more such treasures at BlueStone when you go for your Valentine gift online shopping.

Pick the Finest Love Couple Bands for Your Beloved

You won’t be short of choices while looking for Valentine gift items online at BlueStone. From traditional to trendy and from elaborate to subtle, we have them all for you. If you want to adorn your beloved with bling and sparkle, the Hera Ring for Her or the Hera Ring for Him may be just what you need. This classic design has a band of yellow gold crowned with six diamonds.

When you want something more casual and yet eye-catching for you both, we suggest you opt for the Circe Ring for Him and the Circe Ring for Her. The no-fuss band of yellow gold set with five diamonds has an appeal of its own. For those men who are looking for a statement piece for the special woman in their life, check out our Dual Sonata Ring for Her. Made with 18k yellow gold and set with two diamonds, the dual band ring exemplifies elegance and grace like nothing else.

Buy Valentine Gift Online from BlueStone

Online gift shopping gets a new meaning at BlueStone. Apart from our vast assortment of designs and variety, we offer the assurance of quality as well. Being a trusted name in the online jewellery business, we bring to you superior quality love couple bands at the best prices. However, if you still feel that you can’t afford a design due to its price, we offer you the option of customising the gold carat and diamond used in the design. For instance, if you love our Soulmate Ring for Her but want the same design in 18k yellow gold instead of 22k gold, we can easily get it done for you.

What’s more?

Before you finalise your order for Valentine’s gift online delivery, you can even try out the product at home to get a real feel. Our prompt service ensures that sending Valentine gifts online is never a hassle for any of our customers.

So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to express your feelings to your beloved with the most stunning love couple bands. Valentine’s Day or not, such a gift will be appreciated by your dear one on any occasion and without any occasion as well. What say?

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