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Locket Pendant Designs: Keeping Loved Ones Close to your Heart

We've come a long way in our technology-driven world in staying connected with our loved ones but there are some traditions that never change. This remains especially true when it comes to keeping our loved ones close to our hearts. Locket pendants are the key to facilitating such a tradition which dates back to the Victorian ages. Sometimes carrying a physical memento of those loved ones help in facing many trials and tribulations that come our way. Carrying their picture around in a locket subconsciously provides the strength and support needed to face the harsh reality or the joy of celebrating those blissful moments. This is a symbol of being grounded, connected, and of togetherness even when separated by mountains, oceans, and time zones.

Lineage and design of the locket pendant

The tradition of gifting a locket pendant to a loved one can be traced back to the Victorian ages on occasions such as christenings, weddings or on holidays. By tracing this very lineage one can notice the emergence of the symbolic representation of 'being there' or 'being surrounded by a loved one’s presence'. The locket pendant is an accessory that would have been colloquially exchanged among the family or between lovers or even friends in the form of a keepsake.

The locket pendant has been traditionally infused in pop-culture with an immense emotional value attached, widely seen in many motion pictures as a way of being connected with loved ones who are even from beyond the grave. The essence that the locket pendant carries will never go out of style just like this accessory. The locket pendant and the design remain immune to the restrictions created by different cultures, barriers, religion etc. In fact, the design of the locket pendant serves this very purpose. The design creates the ability to carry something small of value which makes it popular among people across the globe.

Buy locket pendants online: Bringing hearts closer

At BlueStone, we have an exclusive collection of locket pendant designs. With the click of a finger, now you can have access to our collection of locket pendant designs made in gold. When you purchase the ornament from us you are sure to get deals that others dare not offer. Those deals and the home-try-on facility have helped us stay on top of the competition and in the heart of our customers. The best part of buying from us is that we have kept our locket pendants price affordable to everyone who wishes to carry a piece of memory around their neck.

Buy locket pendant designs from our fabulous range

At BlueStone we understand that locket pendants are not only a gift that can be given to your lover but it can also form a legacy or keepsake passed down to the one you love the most. This is precisely why we bring to you uniquely designed locket pendants that are in vogue. Our collection of locket pendant designs includes the Love Affair Pendant, the Season of Love Openable Pendant and the Quest of Love Openable Pendant. The pendants are made of gold in 22kt and 18kt respectively.

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