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A Drop of Glow on your Chest: Men’s Pendant Designs

A man’s pendant coming out through his partially buttoned shirt is a common sight and it speaks volumes of his fashion quotient and jewellery preferences. Religious signs engraved on a pendant, on the other hand, speak of the faith of the wearer. Certain other symbols and designs, such as wheels, football or dumbbells, declare some of his passions and preferences. Well, pendants are not redundant and meaningless pieces of ornaments, after all. Whether you want to create a unique style statement during your workout session or a flamboyant appearance to attend the Saturday party, the right choice of pendant can do it for you. Now men have become more cautious about their accessories and a careful selection of pendants adds much charisma to their personality.

The traditional era of men’s pendants

If you think pendants are predominantly an ornament of women, then history has some interesting pieces of information to offer you. The ancient men wore pendants, especially in the form of amulets and talismans, as a protection against evil spirits. Pendants made from animal teeth, shells, stones, and other natural materials were also worn by men in different regions and cultures. The pharaohs of Egypt were known for their Scarab beetle pendants, which were worn as symbols of wealth and social status.

Later, when religious symbols became an integral part of ornaments, men started wearing reliquaries and other types of devotional pendants. Pendants made of gold and other precious metals also became quite popular over the centuries and the designs underwent several changes during the medieval period and the Renaissance. Today, men’s pendant designs come in different styles, sizes, and patterns and cater to the changing fashion preferences of the modern men.

Trendy men buy pendant designs smartly

When you make your chest attractive by attending regular gym sessions, you intend to enhance it further by wearing a piece of ornament that matches your physique and style, don’t you? A stylishly designed pendant is what you need! Choosing the right design is a task in itself and you can buy men’s pendant designs across a wide range, from animal motifs and religious symbols to sports themes and simple geometric patterns.

While plain gold or white gold pendants maintain their popularity among men, more and more modern youngsters are opting for stone studded varieties. Now you can buy men’s pendants online from reputed online jewellers like BlueStone, and here you can find some of the finest variations made of precious metals and stones which are ideal for official and casual occasions. Whether it is a formal office party or a traditional get-together, you can get the right pendant from an enviable collection at an affordable price.

Fashionably religious and religiously fashionable

You would have seen the Roman Catholic priests wearing the long gold or silver chain with holy cross pendants. During the mid-nineteenth century, African- American pop-stars wore some junk pendants as part of their style statement. Today, many men prefer wearing religious pendants that feature specific symbols, figurines, and themes as a statement of faith, fashion, or both.

Men looking for a cross pendant are sure to find a piece that matches their specifications in our collection. The Asher Cross Pendant, the Albert Cross Pendant, and the Andrew Cross Pendant are made of gold and studded with diamonds. Pendants with figurines of gods or inscriptions, such as the Murabbi Pendant, Jai Hanuman Pendant and the Vinayaka Pendant, are also some of the popular picks of our customers. Men’s pendants price can vary according to the intricacy of design and the materials and stones used.

Men’s pendant designs for the worshippers of sports

Is sports your religion and are sport stars your gods? Don’t content yourself with any piece of pendant but wear something that declares your ardent love for sports. The designers at BlueStone understand how much sports mean to you and that’s why they have come up with an exclusive collection for sports lovers. You can buy men’s pendant designs made in the shape of a football, cricket ball, champion trophy, or cricket pitch. Our Rooney Pendant in white gold and Neymar Pendant in gold will cater to your football mania. For the lovers of cricket, we have a few signature pieces like the Master Blaster Pendant and the Powerplay Pendant.

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