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Cross Pendant Designs: When Faith Meets Fashion

Christian symbols have always been part of popular culture, especially art and fashion. Some of the common symbols – the angel, butterfly, Ichthus, and star - used on ornaments and fashion accessories today have strong links with the Christian tradition. However, the most popular and universal Christian symbol used in the jewellery industry has always been, and still is, the cross. Designers use this symbol as an element on rings, bangles, and bracelets along with other designs and patterns, but in the case of pendants, the cross is a category in itself. If you visit a jewellery store to buy cross pendant designs, you will be amazed to see their richness and variety.

Cross pendant designs: Origins and history 

According to the Holy Bible, Jesus died on a wooden cross to atone the sins of mankind, and the symbol derives its meaning and relevance from this belief. Over the centuries, the cross became the best-known symbol that represents Christianity. It is believed that people wore cross necklaces and chains as early as the sixth century to show their devotion and faith. In early and medieval Europe, people from royal families wore cross-themed pendants to demonstrate their devotion and social status. The large-sized pectoral cross worn by clergymen was not only a sign of veneration but also an indication of their position in the church hierarchy. Later, the custom of wearing cross pendants became popular among the laymen and this gave rise to a wide range of cross pendant designs.

Variants in cross pendant designs: Know before you buy

The symbol of cross took many design variations ever since it started representing Christian faith and the pendants available today borrow from these design elements. The Latin cross is the commonest of all cross variants and many other variants are derived from it. A popular variant of the Latin cross is the Celtic cross, which has a circle at its centre. The Crucifix is another form with the figure of Jesus fixed on it. The Fleuree cross has three flower petals at the end of each arm while the arms of the Budded cross are designed like circular buds. The Greek cross, the Egyptian cross, and the Canterbury cross are other common designs used in cross pendants.

Buy cross pendant designs online

Of late, people started wearing cross pendants not just as a declaration of their faith but also as a fashion statement. Many online stores have exclusive collections of cross pendant designs and the religious as well as the ornamental value such pieces possess make them popular with many customers. When you buy cross pendants online, you can find a great array of pieces in different designs, sizes, shapes, and price ranges. Designers keep experimenting with this religious motif to keep up with the changing trends in the fashion industry. Today, cross pendants are no longer plain and simple pieces in gold, but they come in an exciting range of designs, often studded with diamonds and precious stones. You can buy cross pendants online and wear them as markers of fashion or faith, or both.

Give your faith a touch of fashion with BlueStone’s cross pendant designs

BlueStone, a pioneer in the online jewellery industry in India, has an exclusive collection of cross pendant designs. With their creativity and ingenuity, our designers have interpreted some of the classic cross designs in breathtakingly brilliant ways. These pieces are part of our Religious Pendants Collection and we offer cross pendants in gold, white gold, and rose gold. The Annot Cross Pendant and the Divine Messenger Pendant are our diamond-studded versions of the classic Christian cross. You can find a modern interpretation of the Fleuree Cross in the Arturo Cross Pendant, a popular pick of our customers.

Buy cross pedant designs that fit your style

The designers at BlueStone have combined other themes and motifs with the cross symbol to give pendants a modern and elegant look. Our Rene Cross Pendant has an infinity symbol running through the cross, which gives it a touch of perpetuity as well as devotion. The Avery Cross Pendant and the Whitney Cross Pendant contain heart shape at the centre to demonstrate the perfect blend of love and devotion. For those who love to wear their faith in style, we have the dual cross and twisted cross patterns like the Abel Cross Pendant and the Jesse Cross Pendant.

Our cross pendants’ prices are highly affordable and we have pieces priced below INR 10,000 and a few exquisite ones priced above INR 30,000. The Celtic Cross Pedant, which features an intricately designed diamond cross fixed on a golden locket, is one of the most exquisite pieces in our collection.

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