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Gold Everyday Bangles: Adorn Your Wrists with Stunning Jewellery

Bangles are must-haves in every woman’s jewellery box. While it is a tradition in many cultures to wear gold bangles, modern women embrace this piece of jewellery to make a classic yet contemporary style statement. When you buy gold everyday bangles online at BlueStone, you can be sure you’ll be making the best addition to your jewellery trousseau without taking the trouble of even stepping out of your home!

You can choose from a variety of plain gold bangles or those studded with diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones that add to their gorgeous looks. The glamorous bangles in our extensive collection are made with the highest quality gold of varying purity — we have both 22kt and 18kt gold bangles for women and men. Browse our collection to indulge in the warm glow of our gold bangles, which make for great gifts too.

Auspicious Ornament or a Trendy Accessory?

Bangles have a rich history, especially in Indian traditions. They are considered auspicious ornaments that Indian women have been wearing since ages. Believed to be introduced by Hinduism, women of every religion equally adore bangles and the charm it adds to their overall look. Other than being considered a symbol of health, wealth, and prosperity, bangles have been associated with various practices and beliefs across India. So whether you want to wear different gold everyday bangle designs to keep traditions alive or just to liven up your look, you will find what you like at BlueStone.

Take Your Everyday Style to the Next Level

Dressing up in style is effortless when you have the right accessories at hand. Well, quite literally too when you have BlueStone bangles with you! Wearing a stunning bangle replete with sophistication will transform your look four-fold. The pieces in our everyday bangle collection are designed keeping your tastes in mind. Our skilled craftsmen make designs that are simple enough to go with your formal work attire yet sophisticated to make you look stunning even if you’re wearing plain Jane clothes. Buy gold everyday bangle designs from our assortment of styles to always keep your wrists beautifully adorned, no matter what you have in your wardrobe.

One-of-a-Kind Bangles Designed to Impress

Check out our collection for being spoilt for choice. You’ll find slender, plain gold bangles, such as the Styled Slender Bangle made of 22kt gold featuring a lovely intricate design carved out on it. The Pleasing Leaves and the Wondrous Impulse bangles are also slender plain gold bangles made of 22kt gold. While the Wondrous Impulse Bangle has neatly laid out rhodium-plated bands that add to its striated beauty, the Pleasing Leaves Bangle looks stunning with embossed leaf imprints and alternating circular bands on it.

Amongst our studded bangles are the Tairyt Bangle, the Clyse Bangle, and the Twyl Bangle. The Tairyt Bangle infuses the elegance of a bangle and the contemporary charm of a bracelet in its unique, diamond-studded design. The Clyse Bangle is an epitome of elegance with a diamond-studded flower-like motif connecting the two ends of the 18kt gold band. Similarly, the Twyl Bangle features two diamond-studded leaves connecting the two ends of the bangle making it a stunning golden band. The Selma Bangle plays with colours with its 18kt gold body studded with bright red rubies.

Our collection of bangles for men is as impressive as our assortment for women. It includes handsome pieces such as the Vedaanth Kada, the Vardhan Kada, the rhodium-plated Amit Kada, the Vidyuth Kada, and the Alok Kada, all of them made of 22kt gold and each featuring a unique design. There are a lot more designs that you will definitely love. And with our attractive gold everyday bangle prices, you can buy as many as you want to wear a new design every day or stack them up the way you like.

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