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A bangle or bangadi, is a rigid thin continuous circular ring of the size of wrist and derives its meaning from the word, Glass. Glass, however, was not the material with which first bangles were made! The name came into existence later on during 500 B.C. Roman Empire which had advanced glass melting and processing industry. In local Indian languages, the bangles have different names like Bangadi in Maharashtra, Chudi/Choodi in North India, Kada in Punjab and other states and regions also have separate names for bangles.


Strong evidence from the past attribute that bangles have been in existence since the time of Mohenjo-Daro(2600 B.C.) which is roughly 5000 years from now. Mohanjodaro's famous excavation, the bronze figurine of a dancing girl, shows the presence of wrist ornaments in India. The said figurine has one of her arms on her hip, while the other arm depicts a beautiful collection of bangles! So, bangles are truly a symbol of our ancient history!

Significance: Married Women

It is in a way customary to wear bangles for married women in India. They are an important part of Indian bride’s jewellery. Some communities in India has it customary for a woman to not wear only gold bangles in the wrist but also a glass bangle(known as Kaanchkichoodi), which primarily assures the good health of both husband and son. In some communities, women are superstitious whilst changing bangles; they will never keep their arms to be completely bare. In the eastern state of Bengal, married women follow the tradition of wearing a pair of white and red bangles. Bengalis call these bangles, shakha paula, which literally means sell and red coral! Just like the other Indian states, the shakha paula is a symbol of marriage!

Have you ever come across a Punjabi bride? If yes, you would have definitely observed the chooda that she would be wearing. The ivory bangles depict marriage and are to be worn by the bride for 21 days after marriage or for one year. Though the tradition is slowly become obsolete, in older days, Rajasthani women used to wear ivory bangles, right from the wrist all the way up to their arms!

Offerings at BlueStone

BlueStone is a favourite destination for most of the people as we have a wide range of selection. From plain gold bangle designs to flexible bangles; from different types of kadaa to the changing bangle, you name it and we have it. Our highly rated craftsmen and designers have categorised almost all type of designs and sat for sleepless nights for bringing one of the best masterpieces that can be found in the market.

The Influential Structure Bangle

The structure of DNA, which we usually see on the television or in the movies, may not look that attractive to a few people, but we crafted a similar design which definitely looks good when worn. Made of 22k gold only, as the name this piece is actually influential. So before you see anyone else wearing it and get influenced by them, you better rush to grab your laptop or smartphone!

The Emilia Ercole Bangle

When it comes to elegance and minute detailing, this piece can never be left behind! The craftsmanship can be evaluated by only going through a zoom view. With customization, you also buy plain gold bangle design in 18k gold.

The Harish Kada for Him

Why should guys be left behind? You can also buy plain gold bangles online with us like The Harish Kada. With the regular customization, plain gold bangles price may also not hurt your pocket in case you are running on the tight budget.

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