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Red Bangles

In Indian culture, the tradition practice of wearing bangles has been passed down from generations. Bangles are considered to be a symbol of a married Indian woman. As India is a country of various traditions and cultures, the ritual and traditions behind wearing bangles may differ but the purpose more or less remains the same.

History behind wearing Bangles

In the Ancient Indian culture, there has been significant evidence showing that women used to wear bangles. In one of ancient art figures found in India, a dancing girl’s bronze statue that was evacuated in Mohanjodaro has ornaments around their wrist. In mythology as well, Goddess Saraswati is shown wearing thick bangles. Terracotta, silver, gold, stone, bronze, shell, copper, glass, and lac are the materials that were/are used to make bangles. Craftsmen lend their precious talent to carve these materials into beautiful bangle designs.

Red bangles hold a special position in the culture. Red colour symbolises energy and is considered to be auspicious. It is the colour of marriage, and in almost all cultures of India, red bangles are worn during the marriage ceremony. In all Indian cultures, gold bangles are worn during normal days, but glass bangles hold a special place. In Bengali culture, married women wear red and white bangles called as shakha paula (shell and red coral) while in Punjabi culture, the bride needs to wear chooda on each hand for 21 days after marriage, The chooda is usually a set of red ivory bangles. In South Indian culture, red and green glass bangles are usually worn by the bride during the marriage ceremony. Though the significance of red bangles in different cultures differs, the purpose remains the same - prosperity of the husband and the family.

If the goodness of red bangle and the tradition of gold or silver or platinum bangle are combined, it is surely a win-win situation, isn’t it? That’s why beautiful gold red bangle designs are perfect for married women; a perfect combination of the modern and traditional world.

Beyond the Regular Designs


With the changing world, the bangle designs have also evolved. The traditional kadas have received a modern twist. Traditionally kadas are thick bangles that have beautiful carvings on them. Today, one will find kadas studded with stones or diamonds on the top side. To complement the colour of the bangle, in this case, red, the diamonds or stones are usually clubbed with pearls. Due to the thickness of the bangle, wearing one kada on either hand gives your hand delicate and also serves the purpose of wearing a bangle!

Twisted Design

If you wish to buy red bangle designs that are unusual then you must consider the twisted design. These bangles are of similar thickness like the kada, but there are twisted designs that have gaps in between, and the top part is studded with stones. Again, due to the thickness, wearing a single bangle serves the purpose.

Floral Design

The traditional bangle design has a floral design along with maroon and white stones studded on the entire bangle. This design works best with traditional occasions like weddings or pujas.

Two-side Open Design

The modern-day bangle cum bracelet variety is the two-side open bangle design. The bangle usually fits all sizes. The two open sides are usually fitted with a stone carved design. In some types, there is a big stone on one side of the bangle while the other side has a small one which complements the latter’s design.

Buy Red Bangles Online at BlueStone

The online jewellery shopping website, BlueStone, very well understands the significance of red bangles and thus, have a wide variety of this on offer. The variety of designs will prompt you to buy red bangles online without any iota of doubt. You can be rest assured of the best buying experience with BlueStone because of the ‘try at home’ feature. What are you guys waiting for? Grab your laptops or smartphones and pick your product.

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