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Women’s Gold Necklace Designs: Embrace the Trends

If you are someone who wears a simple gold chain and pendant around your neck every day and on all occasions, you might not have noticed the tantalising trends happenings in neck ornaments. It’s about time you take a look, a good look, at the fashion magazines; pay closer attention to runways; and look for what’s hanging around your favourite celebrity’s neck. It doesn’t take a pair of fashion-conscious eyes to realise that the designs and styles in neck ornaments are fast changing. From chokers, collars, bibs, and multi-layered chains to tassels, matinees, operas, and lariats, the options are plenty. How about embracing these trends this season with a finely crafted gold necklace? You are at the right place. We at BlueStone offer you a mesmerising range of women’s gold necklace designs which you can sport on different occasions.

Women’s Gold Necklace Designs: The Floral Saga

We don’t know for sure when exactly women first made a garland of flowers, wore it around their neck, and noticed what a beautiful neck ornament it was. That, perhaps, was the first floral necklace. Later, with the advent of precious metals, people immortalised the beauty of flowers and foliage in gold and other metals. We at BlueStone have come up with a fabulous range of designs made in the floral theme for the lovers of flowers.

Take a look at our Floral Ambrosia Necklace. This plain gold necklace made of 22kt gold is a winner in all seasons. So is the Conjoined Blossoms Necklace, another plain gold piece in our collection. For women who want to invest in solid gold during Akshaya Tritiya, these two necklaces are best bets.

If you want the sparkle of diamonds to highlight your style quotient, go for our Bouquet Line Necklace or the Dutiful Flora Necklace. Both these are elegant pieces made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds. Fancy something exquisitely designed with an abundance of diamonds? There can’t be a better pick than the Milan Aabhushana Necklace or the Pushp Apsara Necklace, both of which are made of 18kt gold and studded with over a hundred diamonds. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, these floral necklaces are sure to keep you as beautiful as a flower.

Coinage Necklaces with an Old World Charm

Fancy adorning something that radiates an old world charm? Glance through our Coinage Collection and you will be immediately reminded of those ethnic pieces worn by our ancestors. Coin jewellery and especially coin necklaces were in vogue ever since people started using coins for monetary transactions. Here, at BlueStone, we have given a fashionable and contemporary makeover to the traditional coin jewellery patterns with gold and precious stones.

Do you prefer something simple yet elegant? Go for our Viswaroopini Necklace, which is a plain gold necklace made of 22kt gold. If fusion is your style, the Chandri Necklace and the Bhagawati Necklace are your best picks. They are also great gifts you can give to a bride. The Panchika Necklace, the signature piece in our Coinage Collection, has the radiance of Rubies to boast of. Whether you are wearing it for a wedding or party, this native beauty will surely fetch you a flock of admirers.

Scripts, Lariats, and Lines: Buy Women’s Gold Necklace Designs from BlueStone

When you buy women’s gold necklaces online from us, you get to choose a wide range of styles including scripts, lariats, and lines. Our script necklaces feature words carved in gold and studded with diamonds attached as a pendant on a simple golden chain. The Princess Script Necklace, the Victory Script Necklace, and the Happy Script Necklace are some of the fast-moving pieces in our collection. A unique way of self-expression, we must say!

Lariat necklaces, with their beauty and design innovation, have captured the attention of jewellery enthusiasts. Now you can be part of this celebrity-driven trend when you buy women’s gold necklace designs from us. Taking inspiration from the classic lariat design, our designers have come up with a great range of necklaces including the Careen Axis Necklace, the Bullion Axis Necklace, and the Bayonet Axis Necklace.

Are you looking for something super simple yet incredibly elegant to go with your office and everyday outfit? Then a line necklace is what you need. The Ginana Line Necklace, the Caprice Line Necklace, and the Lia Line Necklace are some of the popular picks. If you are looking for something with a higher degree of panache, go for our Fiorello Line Necklace or the Fleur Line Necklace. For those who have a thing for multi-layered designs, we have the Renata Line Necklace.

Tassels, Pearls, and Gemstones: A Style Statement as Unique as You

Tassels have taken the jewellery industry by storm and they are the hottest trend these days. Whether you want to make a unique style statement at a party or make the most of the festive season, our tassel pieces like the Jaicee Necklace, the Jaklyn Necklace, and the Janiece Necklace are your fine picks.

Fancy wearing a truly exquisite necklace which will turn a few heads every time you wear it? On dear, you need gemstones for that. We present to you the Moh Bhavana Necklace and the Marinda Necklace, the former featuring diamonds and rubies and the latter radiating the beauty of emeralds and diamonds. For women who cherish the white radiance of pearls, we offer a mesmerising range that includes the Elegancia Pearl Necklace and the Harbour Pearl Necklace.

Our women’s gold necklace prices are highly competitive and we run attractive offers from time to time. So why wait to make your favourite pieces a part of your jewellery box? Come, explore, and lose yourself to the beauties we have created in the timeless yellow metal.

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