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Couple Band Rings

Promise to be a Couple

When two souls meet and vow to be together, they become a couple. From times unknown it has been a custom to pledge your love in the form of gifts. When one has to express the love they need to present the other with something that reflects their love not only to the wearer but for those who question the relationship. Probably, that is why promise rings have come into usage. As time advanced, the 20th century saw some changes in the life of people and these promise rings became popular as the couple rings or couple bands.

A Wedding Ring or an Engagement Ring

A man and a woman promise to spend the rest of their lives with each other, they declare their relationship publicly by proposing to each other. Engagement rings exchanged between the girl and the boy is the first ring they wear before the marriage. During the marriage also they exchange rings indicating clearly that the couple is now man and wife. When a man or a woman wears an engagement ring it is a message that you have no chance here!

Couple Bands

Couple bands are usually plain gold rings. Moreover, they are symbolic of being exactly the same except for the size of the ring. There can be more than one inference for this. Firstly, their love for each other is the same, no less no more. Secondly, they have no identity of their own; they both are one and only one. This ritual of couple gifting each other a ring is not a modern concept but descended from the Ancient Egyptians to the Victorian Era.

Amazing BlueStone Couple Bands

BlueStone has jewellery for every occasion and every expression. You want to propose, you desire to promise, you wish to get married, for each of these occasions, there is something special in store. The more intense ones can choose anything that is more than a mere circle of gold. You can make it look worthy by picking a ring studded with diamonds or any other gems. If your lover is simple and doesn’t like this showbiz, there are couple band ring designs that express your deep love in a sober manner.

In this online gifting era, buy couple band rings online from a great variety of collection at BlueStone. The Clasped band for her is one such ring that is simple yet elegant. The Niamah ring is for those women who love to wear jewellery that people notice. The intricate pattern is worth couple band rings price you pay for it. For him, too, you have startling rings like the circle ring with diamonds neatly placed and even Aphaea ring with a single diamond that says it all.

Invoke divinity by presenting a Divine Trishool for him; the ring appears so soothing with a trishool and a damaru within. White gold jewellery is in fashion now and if your spouse-to-be also feels the same, you can buy couple band ring designs in white gold as well. The patterns and style undeniably suit everyone’s personality.

Eventually, this is your expression of love and you know the best way to express it!

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