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Band Couple Band Ring Designs: Matching Rings for Couples

No Hollywood romantic movie is complete without the words, “With this ring, I thee wed”. While the wedding rites of many Indian communities may not include a custom of exchanging rings during the ceremony, modern couples choose to exchange rings during the engagement ceremony. Today, you can see a number of wedding and engagement ring trends in the jewellery industry. From solitaire rings, cluster rings and good old bands to the halo setting and trinity patterns, your options are plenty when it comes to choosing a ring for you and your partner.

A rising trend in wedding rings is couple bands. These rings have a matching his and her design and hence are referred to as couple bands. These symbols of love are a beautiful way of symbolising the relationship between couples. Couple bands are also a great way to celebrate a silver or gold anniversary. For couples who are looking for matching rings to celebrate their matrimonial match, the designers at BlueStone offer a fabulous array of band couple band ring designs. Whether you are looking for couple bands in plain gold, radiant white gold, or the contemporary dual tone, we have the right designs for you.

Buy Band Couple Band Ring Designs in Gold

When you think of gold, the colour yellow comes to mind. Hence, many traditional band couple band ring designs are crafted from gold. These bands can be plain like the Soulmate Ring for Her and the Soulmate Ring for Him or be studded with diamonds like the Aphaea Ring for Her and the Aphaea Ring for Him. They could also feature multiple stones as seen in the Antoine Ring for Her and the Antoine Ring for Him. While his and her band couple band rings prices may be the same in some cases l like the Purette Ring for Him and the Purette Ring for Her, in other cases like the Niamh Ring for Her and the Niamh Ring for Him, the ring for him may use more gold and hence cost more.

Celebrate the White Radiance: Buy Band Couple Band Rings Online

Traditionally, couples and jewellers preferred the yellow metal for making wedding and engagement bands. This trend, however, is fast changing. These days, couples prefer other metals such white gold, pink gold, or platinum for their wedding rings. For those who prefer the radiance of white gold over the glitter of gold, we have some finely crafted band couple band ring designs in white gold. Today, white gold is as popular as gold. It its purest form, gold is so soft that it cannot hold its shape as a ring; so, it is alloyed with other metals to increase its stability. White gold is created by mixing pure gold with zinc or nickel and then coated with rhodium. Both white gold and gold follow the same karat value system and hence are equally valued. Our white gold designs like the Riam Ring for Him and the Riam Ring for Her are contemporary in nature. They both feature a simple yet elegant band and an unbroken line of diamonds studded on them.

Dual Toned Band Couple Band Ring Designs

Another trend on the rise is the dual tone ring. Made of gold, the dual tone designs in our couple band collection are plated with rhodium. If you’d like to buy band couple band ring designs with a mix of traditional and contemporary design, you could pick a ring like the Divine Union Ring for Him and the Divine Union Ring for Her. If you’re looking for something a little more ornate, you could take a look at the Ciara Ring for Him and the Ciara Ring for Her. Some ring designs are also created such that when they are placed together, they complete each other. For example, the Profound Love Band for Her and the Profound Love Band for Him both feature half a heart but when stacked together form a complete heart.

Religious Couple Bands

Apart from symbolising a couple’s relationship status, man people also look at rings as a way of expressing their religious beliefs. At BlueStone we offer a wide variety of religious rings including couple bands with religious motifs. One such design, the Divine Trishool Ring for Her and the Divine Trishool Ring for Him are very popular with worshippers of Lord Shiva. Made of 18kt gold, they both feature two motifs often associated with Lord Shiva – the trishool and the damaru. 

How to Buy Band Couple Band Rings Online

Couple bands are typically bought for a wedding or an anniversary. As you can imagine, when it comes to celebrations like these, the to-do list never ends. Luckily, you can now buy jewellery like band couple band rings online at BlueStone without leaving the comfort of your home. The main difference between shopping online and offline is that most online sites expect you to make a final decision just by looking at pictures of their products. However, when you shop with BlueStone, you can pick your favourite pieces online and we’ll send them to your home for you to try on before you buy the piece. For example, if you couldn’t decide between the Hera Ring for Her and the Ezio Ring for Her, we could send both rings to your home for you to try on. This way you can see how they look on your hand before you buy the perfect ring.

BlueStone also gives you the opportunity to customise your couple band rings. If you like a particular design but the price is a little over your budget, you could choose to lower the carat value of the gold or change the cut and clarity of the stone to lower the ring price. So, browse through our collection and find the perfect couple rings that symbolise your love.

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