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Ever wondered why the pearl is so close to a woman’s heart? It is as pure as her soul and defines her personality and style. Pearls speak of elegance and charm. They never fail to impress anyone with their subtle glimmer and perfect tone. The best part about them is that they can be teamed with any other gemstone or metal to change their appearance. To make them bold, you can add a pop of colour or an intricate lace pattern, to amplify their glamour quotient, you can include multiple layers and strands. Do what you may; a pearl is the simplest and most serene form of jewellery. Choose from the endless categories of pearl earring designs available at BlueStone.

Let’s work with pearls: Buy pearl earrings online

Pearls are known for their purity and sublime value. No matter what gemstones they are coupled with, they remain simple and their purpose fulfilling. Wearing pearls to work has been a trend for a long time now. They mark elegance and simplicity at the same time. Small dots of pearls as in the Brizo Earrings, the Ava Earrings, the Jenny Stud Earrings, the Mandira Earrings and the Gira Earrings are ideal for workwear. Pearls, when coupled with diamonds can create wonders. Staying true to this scheme are these patterns with neat cuts and perfect shapes along with diamonds or other stones, like the Coralia Earrings, the Gavadani Earrings, the Fashion Aura Earrings, the Shonima Earrings and the Nerissa Earrings.

Of Circles and Jhumkas: Buy Pearl Earring Designs from BlueStone

Jhumka earrings are worn during special occasions and festivals. Their grandeur and charm fit for festivity and special occasions. This series consists of those pieces that are relatively heavier with intricate patterns and bold designs. Some of the jhumka earrings studded with diamonds and pearls in the tip are the Dancing peacock Jhumka, the Precious Nalini Jhumka and the Aarohi Flower Jhumka. Those containing other gemstones aligned with pearls are the Savini Jhumka, the stunning Sanjukta Jhumka and the Fatima Detachable Jhumka.

Another unique variety is the chand bali range. These comprise of pretty circles in a layer or two, with pearls and gemstone inclusion. Some of the most artistically designed pieces include the Meherbaan Earrings, the Falak Earrings, and the Shahida Earrings. Those in two layers of concentric circles or ones with extra stone studs and complicated patterns include the Zufa Earrings, the Mehrunisa Earrings, and the Nazrana Earrings. Buy pearl earring designs from these categories and grace a party or family function in style.

Getaway with Pearls: Vacation Pearl Earring Designs

Pearl earrings are the prettiest of the lot. They are every woman’s must-have and are relatively easy to choose too. Be it the weekend or the vacation you have been waiting for, there is something set in pearl for everyone. Buy pearl earrings online from this range and get your weekend fix. Exquisite pieces meant for the weekend include sui dhaga designs like the Sheer Arc Earrings and the Wave Link Earrings. The collection also has beautiful pieces such as the Kumudhini Front Back Earrings and the Nixie Earrings. Pearl earrings are beautiful and when coupled with colourful gemstones, they are irresistible. This range includes the Afreen Earrings and the Aiza Earrings.

Waiting to get away with you on the long due vacation is the range that stands close to your heart, especially meant for a dressy vacation, a wedding getaway or a fancy holiday away from home. The range includes, but is not confined to the Wauna Earrings, the Caralin Drop Earrings, the Bashful Tendril Earrings, the Eira Earrings, the Eairwan Earrings and the Nalina Front Back Earrings.

We have also designed stunning pieces for kids including the Adorable Bow Earrings for Kids, the Floral Pleasure Earrings for Kids, and the Zerin Earrings for Kids.

Take your time, explore through our collection and buy a piece that suits your style and budget. We have kept our pearl earrings prices as attractive as the designs so that you do not have to worry about breaking your bank while owning a pair of pearl earrings.

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