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Pearl Studded Gold Earrings

Reinvent Fashion with Pearl Studded Gold Earring Designs

Pearl earrings are certainly not a recent trend. Remember Girl with a Pearl Earring, the seventeenth-century oil painting by Johannes Vermeer and the 2003 movie by the same name? No jewellery enthusiast can forget those beautiful pearl earrings Scarlet Johansson wore in the movie.

Traditionally, pearls were associated more with class, status, and aristocracy than with fashion trends or everyday use. A century or two ago, you were more likely to find a fine pair of pearl earrings in a high-born lady’s safely guarded jewellery box than on runways or in fashion circles. Gone are those days! Today, jewellers have come up with newer ways to incorporate this gem to every woman’s jewellery collection.

Pearl Earrings through Ages

Pearl, also known as the Queen of Gems is one of the greatest wonders of nature. Unlike other gemstones which are mined from the earth, pearls are produced by a living organism, namely the oyster. Unsurprisingly, earrings made with natural pearls were a coveted treasure of women for centuries. Such pieces were exorbitantly priced, too.

History has it that Cleopatra adorned her ears with the largest pair of pearls. If tales are to be believed, she dissolved one of them in a glass of vinegar and, brace yourself, drank it! World’s most expensive cocktail, indeed. Empress Eugenie of France, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, also possessed an expensive pair of natural pearl earrings which was auctioned a couple of years ago with a world record.

Perhaps we should take a moment here to pay our debt of gratitude to Kokichi Mikimoto who made it possible for us to buy pearl earrings without spending a fortune. In 1893, he manually introduced an irritant to an oyster and created world’s first ever cultured pearl. The advent of cultured pearls marked a historic moment in the jewellery industry and today, most of the pearl earrings and ornaments available to us are made using cultured pearls.

Buy Pearl Studded Gold Earrings Online and Flaunt Them in Style

BlueStone has found the simplest way to pay tribute to the mysteries of nature by creating a fabulous range of pearl earrings made of gold. Our designers have pushed the traditional boundaries to make these pieces in every imaginable way possible. Take, for instance, the Bashful Tendril Earrings and the Cleodora Earrings in your collection. You cannot help appreciating the brilliance and charm of these designs.

If your idea of a pearl earring is that of a round pearl fixed firmly on a golden stud, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The pearl earrings offered by BlueStone will rock you to the core with their beauty, contemporariness, style quotient, and design innovation. Our highly competitive pearl studded gold earrings prices are sure to make your shopping a delightful experience.

Enhance Your Bridal Charm with Our Bridal Collection

Pearls make a fine pick for weddings. You can find the right earrings from our ever-growing collection that includes beautifully designed drops, studs, jhumkas, and chandbalis. They come with the additional glitter of diamonds and precious stones to glam you up in a special way on your special day.

The Lorelei Earrings made of 18kt gold and studded with sparkling diamonds feature two beautiful pearls dangling from the base. If you want the glitter of diamonds and the graceful appeal of pearls, choose this pair without thinking twice. For the lovers of jhumkas, we offer a great range including the Jeweled Zahir Jhumka, the Delightful Mitali Jhumka, and the Aarohi Flower Jhumka, all featuring pearls and diamonds on an 18kt gold body.

Those who want to combine tradition with fashion can opt for our chandbali designs studded with pearls. Take, for instance, the Zufa Earrings in our collection. The mind-blowing design and the sheen of pearls and diamonds make them the ideal pick to go with designer sarees and lagangas. The Mumtaz Earrings and the Nazneen Earrings, two fast-moving items in our display, are nothing short of absolute magnificence.

Make every day special with our everyday and officewear range

The easiest way to give your everyday jewellery collection a facelift is by adding a pair of uniquely designed pearl earrings. The creative designers at BlueStone have redefined everyday jewellery by adding the magic of pearls into it.

The Ava Earrings, the Amathea Earrings, and the Gira Earrings are all simple designs featuring pearls and they give a special touch to your mundane days. If you have a penchant for flowers, choose from our floral collection that includes the Marina Earrings and the Adella Earrings.

A fascinating feature of pearls is that they look exceptionally good with formal and office outfits. That’s why shouldn’t give our Nixie Earrings or Waverly Earrings a miss. They are fashioned in the classic hoop style but with a modern twist.

Buy Pearl Studded Gold Earring Designs in Studs and Drops

The round shape of the pearl makes it ideal for designing studs. Even if you wear pearls in simple stud designs, they radiate an unmatched elegance. If you are looking for simple stud earrings made with pearls, choose our Gaurika Earrings. Those who want the marine beauty of pearl and the natural beauty of the floral theme in one piece can opt for our Jolie Stud Earrings or the Doris Earrings.

In drops, we have a wide range of earrings that includes the Greta Earrings, the Caralin Drop Earrings, and the Marina Drop Earrings. Fancy a pair of uniquely designed earrings? Go for our Dewy Pearl Earring or Wave Link Earrings which are exquisite pieces designed in the Sui Dhaga style.

When nature gives you pearls, you should buy a pair of pearl earrings. Wear them, flaunt them, and marvel at the wondrous ways of nature.

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