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Pearl Studded Gold Studs Earrings: When Radiance Meets Glitter

Diamonds may be a popular gem but it is the pearl that is considered the Queen of Gems. Pearl jewellery is an eternal classic that speaks of elegance and grandeur. For centuries pearls have been worn as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many other forms of jewellery. If one were to glance through paintings and photographs of India’s erstwhile kings and queens, pearls would be amongst the most commonly worn gems.

When the radiance of pearls meets the glitter of gold, you get jewellery that’s as beautiful as poetry. And that’s what the designers at BlueStone have created for you through our pearl studded gold studs earrings collection. The perpetual beauty of pearls, the everlasting glitter of gold, and the universal charm of studs – all these make each piece in this collection lust-worthy. Explore and be mesmerised!

What Makes Pearls Special?

It is rightly said that pearls are the Queen of Gems. That’s not all. They are the Gem of Queens. Put on one of our pearl studded gold studs earring designs like the Gaurika Earrings and you are sure to feel like royalty. Pearls are the oldest gem known to man. It is believed that they were discovered centuries ago by people looking for food on the seashore. The earliest piece of pearl jewellery dates back to 420BC. This belonged to a Persian princess and is now on display at the Louvre.

Pearls also find themselves mentioned in the Rig Veda. Since ancient times, pearls have been symbolic of luxury, class, purity, and wealth. Cleopatra is said to have crushed a pearl in a glass of wine to prove that she could throw the most expensive dinner. In India, Hyderabadi pearls are the most famous ones. The allure of some of the quintessentially Indian jewellery designs, like the Chand Bali earrings, comes from the fact that they feature a cluster of pearls.

Natural Pearls vs Cultured Pearls: Know the Difference

Long before the process by which a pearl is formed was understood, people believed that pearls were formed by dewdrops that had been swallowed by oysters. Today, we know that it isn’t a dew drop but an irritant that gets converted into a pearl. This may take the form of sand, a parasite or even a piece of shell. Thus, pearls are formed as a result of the oyster’s defense mechanism. When you buy pearl studded gold studs earring designs you can choose between natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pears are those that are formed without any interference by humans. In nature, not every oyster contains a pearl. However, pearls may be farmed by forcefully introducing an irritant into an oyster. Such pearls which are created under controlled conditions are known as cultured pearls.

Natural pearls take several years to form; they are rare and therefore, can be extremely pricey. Most of the pearl jewellery available in the jewellery market today features cultured pearl. This, however, doesn’t mean that these cultured pearls are artificial. They, on the other hand, are as real as naturally occurring ones. The only difference between the two comes from the way they are formed.

A Little More about Pearls

It is rare to find a pearl that is perfectly round. Thus, pearls such as those in the Gira Earrings are said to be round if they have diameter variations of less than 2%. Pearls may also be oval, drop shaped, button-shaped or irregular. These natural gems are available in a wide variety of colours ranging from white and pink to grey, green and black.

Of these, white and off-white are the most popular types used in jewellery making. White pearls as seen in the Ava Earrings and the Jenny Stud Earrings is believed to have a calming effect. Some of our new designs in pearl studded gold studs earrings also feature off-white pearls. This includes the Adella Earrings and the Amathea Earrings.

The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion

Jackie Kennedy rightly said, “Pearls are always appropriate”. And we agree with her. At BlueStone, you can buy pearl studded gold studs earrings online for all occasions. If you are relaxing over a Saturday brunch with your friends, a simple pair of earrings like the Marina Earrings or the Nayah Stud Earrings is the perfect accessory to your outfit. These are also ideal to wear with your office outfit.

For officewear or casual get-togethers, you could also pick something a little more delicate like the Parryss Stud Earrings and the Megyn Hoop Earrings. For party wear, pearls may be combined with diamonds to make a bolder statement. Some of our best pearl studded gold studs earrings for parties are the Coralia Earrings and the Doris Earrings. Pearls are appropriate for girls and women of all ages. The Classic Pearl Stud for Kids is the perfect birthday gift for your little princess. These earrings have no age limit and can be worn even a she grows older.

How to Buy Pearl Studded Gold Studs Earrings?

We have a wide variety of trendy pearl studded gold studs earring online. These range from simple studs like the Gaurika Earrings to show-stopper designs like the Jolie Stud Earrings. Pearl Earrings also make a great gift. Pearls are the birthstone for those born in the month of June, so if you are looking for a gift for a June-born woman, nothing is more appropriate than a pair of pearl earrings.

When buying earrings as a gift for someone, it is important to keep the personality of the wearer in mind. Women who like floral designs would love the Kathryn Stud Earrings and the Allison Stud Earrings. On the other hand, if she prefers geometric patterns, the Pistis Stud Earrings would be the perfect gift. For a woman who likes modern jewellery, you could buy jewellery like the Kaitlyn Stud Earrings custom made in white gold.

When it comes to buying jewellery your budget is another important factor. Thus, we offer to customise certain features of our jewellery to help a piece fit your budget. For example, our earrings are made in 18kt gold. However, they can also be made in 14kt gold, which makes a difference in the pearl studded gold studs earrings price tag. For designs that include diamonds, you may also choose the colour and clarity of diamonds according to your budget.

Do you know that pearls are the only gemstones created by a living organism? All other gemstones like rubies and diamonds are mined from the earth. Pearls, however, are formed inside a living thing and that’s precisely why they are called “the autobiography of an oyster”. Isn’t this a good enough reason to own at least one piece of pearl jewellery in a lifetime?

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