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Gold studs earrings are not just mere accessories, but they also have a timeless appeal of their own. Gold and silver were known to be precious metals from time immemorial, and people of both sexes were fascinated by a plethora of gold studs earring designs.

Gold earrings were mostly popular among Asian men some 7000 years back. Since gold was a precious metal, it signified dignity and class, and that is the reason why the Assyrians and Egyptians wore these studs earrings in the bygone eras.

Today, with the advancement in fusion fashion, women prefer gold stud earrings to anything else. They mostly prefer wearing these gold ear tops to complement the outfits and other fashion accessories. The best part is that now people can buy gold studs earrings online without stepping out of the comfort of their homes. One can find multiple ear top designs, and patterns that are available for gold stud earrings, and they can make a woman look gorgeous whether or not she wears a traditional dress.  

Looking back to the glistening era of gold stud earrings

Gold stud earrings that were embellished with ruby, diamond and sapphire were some of the favourite ornaments of people in the Orient, especially during the Middle Age. Europe also saw the flourishing stud earrings during the same period, when men started wearing them as notable fashion accessories. Shining gold was a hallmark of purity, grace, and dignity until it became the source of conflict due to Catholic interventions during the Middle Age.

Gold stud earrings designs retained their popularity even during the 1950s and 1960s. However, since a large market for piercing ears did not exist until then, most ear piercings were done at home. Some medical practitioners also undertook the task of ear piercing and they became much popular among common office-going individuals, as well as among, hippies and the exotic Oriental public.

Buy gold stud earrings online: BlueStone brings you an array of options

If you want a killer combination of style and elegance, then you can buy gold studs earrings online from BlueStone. You can choose from a wide range of collections that we provide. Here, at BlueStone, you get some of the finest designs, and exclusive collections of golden stud earrings, which suit any of your occasions.

Gold studs earring designs for everyone

With certified diamonds and gold studs, we try our best to make your day special. You can choose from numerous floral patterns, minimalist or light weight designs. For your little champs, we have a mesmerizing array of gold studs including the Cute Meow Earrings, the Flower Innocence Earrings, the Lovely Bow Earrings and the Kiddie Panda Earrings. Men can make their statement of fashion with our uniquely designed stud collection that includes the Saviour Earrings, the Entente Earrings and the Kostandian Stud to mention a few. Our collection for women is ever growing and includes the most popular ones such as Prima Earrings, the Jenny Stud Earrings and the Sarika Earrings.

Our gold stud earrings price ranges are in consonance with your demand, and you can customize your order from the 14kt, 18kt or from the 22kt gold stud earrings.

We have special gift cards, occasional and festive offers, and even next-day delivery service. You can inquire about the gold stud earrings price from our online portal. So what are you waiting for? Buy gold studs earrings designs now and make your day special!

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