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Plain Gold/Platinum Bangles

Enhance the Beauty of Your Wrists with Plain Gold Bangle Designs

Bangles used by women across India may differ by design and material but plain gold bangles are something all women love equally. Depending on your style preferences, you could wear a single bangle on one or both wrists or stack them up. When it comes to bangles, you don’t have to wait for an occasion to wear them and at BlueStone, we offer you a number of plain gold bangle designs to choose from. Lightweight bangles like the Breathtaking Designed Bangle are ideal for daily wear while heavier bangles with intricate cutwork like the Rhythm Bangle are ideal for special occasions.

Bangles You Don’t Need an Occasion For

When it comes to bangles for everyday wear, the keywords are stylish and lightweight. Designs like the Emilia Ercole Bangle and the Dafne Bangle ensure that your wrists look beautiful without interfering with your chores or work. Part of the beauty of wearing sleek designs like this is that they can be worn as a single piece or stacked up against each other. However, if you want to wear just one bangle on your wrist and let that speak for itself, take a look at designs like the Swishing Spangles Bangles and the Radha Bangle.

Bangles That Make a Statement

Bangles are the perfect accessory for any outfit. If you’re heading to a cocktail party straight from work, stacking on a few bangles can make a big difference to your look. The Dizzying Dapper Bangles are ideal accessories for a saree while the Natalie Bangle can set off a little black dress perfectly. If you’re looking for something that blends traditional and modern styles together, take a look at the Twirled Wonder Bangle and the Kamla Round Bangle. Alternatively, you could look at designs like the Laiba Bangle that pair beautifully with all types of outfits and styles.

Stand Out with Plain Gold Oval Bangles

Traditionally, bangles have a cylindrical form that can be slipped over your wrist. However, today when you buy plain gold bangle designs you will notice that some bangles are also designed in the oval shape with openable clasps. The size of a woman’s wrist plays an important role while choosing between round bangles and oval bangles. Women with large hands and smaller wrists will find it difficult to put bangles on and they tend to choose large size round bangles; once put on, a round bangle will look too big for their small wrists. An oval bangle with openable clasps is a perfect solution to this problem. At BlueStone, we have a range of plain gold oval bangles for you to choose from. If you like traditional designs, the Carey Bangle and the Marcia Bangle are two of our bestsellers but if you’re looking for something floral and beautiful, take a look at the Synced Affection Bangle or the Gwyneth Bangle.

Rhodium Plated Plain Gold Bangle Designs

When you think of gold, the colour yellow comes to mind instantly. However, it doesn’t always hold true. Gold can be given a white finish with rhodium plating. This involves coating the entire piece of jewellery or parts of it with rhodium. This can be used to enhance light weight designs like the Divyashree Bangle or the Trim Shear Bangles or highlight aspects of more festive designs like the Enrica Bangle or the Keila Bangle. Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the world and hence, plain gold bangles prices may be lower than that of rhodium plated bangles. Likewise, in order to make plain gold bangles more appealing, jewellers use the dotted pave pattern as you can see in the Dizzying Dapper Bangles. This creates an illusion that the bangle is studded with small diamonds.

Men Need Jewellery for Their Wrists Too

The love for jewellery isn’t limited to women; many men like dressing up and adding a little sparkle to their outfits as well. Bangles for men are often known as ‘kadas’. While some men wear a kada for religious purposes, others wear one simply as an ornament. These can be slim like the Vidyuth Kada for Him or broad like the Vans Kada for Him. Like women’s bangles, they can also be rhodium plated with a black or white finish. The Jinesh Kada for Him, The Manvik Kada for Him, The Ayush Kada for Him and The Vashisht Kada for Him are excellent examples of how rhodium plating can highlight kada designs.

Not all men’s kadas are in the form of a bangle. Some designs like the Vinay Uttam Kada for Him and the Mayank Aum Kada for Him take the form of a cuff bangle and can be snapped on and off the wrist by slightly twisting it.

How to Buy Plain Gold Bangles Online?

Whether you’re looking for bangles for everyday wear or special occasions, you no longer need to walk in and out of jewellery stores to find the perfect design. At BlueStone, we cater to all styles and budgets. All you need is to know your perfect bangle size. Sometimes, it is difficult to shop for a bangle by just looking at pictures of different designs. We understand this and hence offer to send you a few of your selected pieces home for you to try on before you buy plain gold bangles online from us. In addition to this, we also offer you the opportunity to customise the gold carat value of your bangles. For some designs, you could even choose to get a gold bangle custom made in white gold. While switching between white gold and gold does not influence the price of the bangle too much, lowering the karat value from 22kt to 18kt or 14kt can significantly lower its price. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our design range and pick your favourite!

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