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Women’s Pendant Designs and the French Connection

Historically, pendant jewellery designs have been inspired by a variety of reasons. Sometimes pendants were worn as an ornament, sometimes as a religious signage, at times an amulet to protect, or as a locket to preserve a picture of a beloved. The word pendant traces its origin to the Old French word ‘pendre’. It means to ‘hang down’. The French considered wine, cheese, fashion, poetry, kiss and pendants the little niceties of a fine life. The French seem to have got the basics just right. A pendant is an effort to capture the transient and transform it to an exquisite testimonial and wear it in style around the neck.

At BlueStone, we have an exclusive collection of women’s pendants designs that are fit for everyday wear or for the special occasion. There are over 850 patterns set in gold, diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones that will leave you amazed. The Refined Embrace Pendant is an elite solitaire endowed beauty that will be your best friend forever. Pair your Mayurakshi Pendant with the matching Mayurakshi Stud earrings and your accessories will be the talk of the party.

Women’s pendant designs inspired by nature

The rain, the star or the flower – the elements of nature are brought alive with our signature pendants collections. The Varsha Boond Pendant in emeralds and diamonds captures the essence of a rain drop. The star shaped Ostara Pendant will match the twinkle in your eyes. The floral fancy in an Aashika Pendant complete with diamonds, emeralds and rubies will lift your mood when coffee will just not do.

The Ace Feather Pendant is sheer fluid poetry. Studded with diamonds, blue topaz and white pearl the craftsmanship of this exquisite piece is a class apart.

Pendants are an expression of your freedom, emotions and all that you want to stand for. The designers at BlueStone are happy to represent the religion you embrace through our pendants collection. The Murli Manohar Pendant with the navratna stones, The Divine Mary Pendant set with diamonds and gold, and The Murabbi Pendant in solid gold are all part of our religious pendant range. We have taken the liberty of aggrandising the divine symbols and the results are awe-inspiring.

Buy women’s pendant online and indulge your penchant for pendants

The Epitome Luxuriate Pendant in gold embellished with rubies, emeralds and diamonds is an heirloom jewellery that you can pass down to posterity. The Blenheim Pendant with the red and white motif is a regal sight.

Tourmaline classified as a semi-precious stone comes in a gamut of colours and we have used the pink and green variations in our Manzana Pendant and the Matador Pendant.

The floral patterns are aptly set in rose gold in our Earthy Tulip and the Delicate Dhalia pendants.

Buy women’s pendant designs at affordable prices

The pendants collection at BlueStone is truly a pocket-friendly affair. With a firm commitment to quality, we ensure that great designs are available at every price range. Our simple alphabet pendant collection is all that you need for a fun day with friends. We offer a range of colourful stone studded pendants that are affordable and you can mix and match them with your everyday wear.

For those who want to wear their heart on their neck, we have many unique yet affordable pendants. The minimalist Love Melody Pendant has a lone diamond set in gold while the Hearty Love Pendant looks sparkling with red garnet and diamonds. The French lover cans Je t’aime with the diamond and ruby French Love Pendant.

We know that sometimes you want to carry your beloved close to your heart. The Quest of Love and the Season of Love pendants are part of our openable locket pendants range.

Simple yet stunning designs, patterns that are inspired by the everyday elements and availability at the click of the button are all that make our pendants extraordinary.

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