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Women’s Gold Pendant: Delightful Designs to Fit Any Occasion

Good things sometimes come in small sizes. A gold pendant, though small in size, is more than enough to make a bold statement. Easy to accessorise with every day or office outfits, pendants are a woman’s best buddy. They are the perfect pieces of ornaments that we, women folk, can rely on accentuating our looks effortlessly at every occasion.

Pendants through the Passage of Time

A loose hanging piece of ornament at the end of a necklace is called a pendant. There are different kinds of pendants – the amulet, the medallion, the locket, watch, and so on. Pendants are also sometimes hung from other pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, chains, earring, ribbon, or brooch. It is also not uncommon to find functional objects like compasses, ocarinas or whistles being hung as pendants.

The earliest available pendants from archaeological sites were made of rocks, shells, beads, and other regionally available materials. With the passage of time pendants and necklaces, the materials they were made of especially, became markers of social standing, prestige, and so on.

Pendants are mostly worn for aesthetic reasons in the present day. A few are also worn as charms, as talismans, as protective symbols, to showcase one’s strength, masculinity or prowess, as a declaration of one’s religious or political affiliation, etc.

Buy Women’s Gold Pendant Designs from BlueStone

The designers at BlueStone have created exquisite pieces that can meet your varied style needs. Our pendants come in both simple and intricate patterns and here is a sneak peek into our collection.

A simple, but elegant pendant in the catalogue includes the Gold Kiss Heart Pendant etched in 22kt gold. It is a plain, uneven, but well-crafted heart design. The Rhyah Pendant is a peridot pendant set in 18kt gold in a square shape. Two of the sides of the square have silver markings that add to the beauty of the stone.

If you prefer to pendant designs with slightly more elaborate work, the Deandrea Pendant should fit the bill, with around thirty diamonds set in a bunch of flowers pattern in 18kt gold. Some of the flowers have white gold petals with a centre diamond, while others have six diamond petals. The total look is one of intricately carved stunning craftsmanship. There are also pendants with a religious motif and elaborate designs like the Blessed Balaji Pendant that is embedded with diamonds set in 18kt gold.

For a stylish and diva look, BlueStone offers a number of solitaire pendants like the Forever Young Pendant that has a pre-set 1.00 Ct round shaped solitaire set in 18kt gold. The Royal Feather Pendant is shaped in the form of a peacock with a blue body and feathers embedded with diamonds. The whole pendant is set in 18kt gold.

The Epitome Luxuriate Pendant provides a traditional, but chic look with an emerald surrounded by diamonds and with a ruby hanging at the end. Diamonds and white pearl tassels give quite the ethnic air to the wearer of the Farin Pendant. The Naveen Darpan Pendant is another traditionally set women’s gold pendant that has all the nine precious stones set in a slightly oval pattern with a ruby as the centre piece.

For workwear, you could opt for the Vivian Butterfly Pendant shaped like a butterfly with an inner splattering of tiny diamonds. The Ardent Journey Pendant in the form of a diamond-studded curved line is another simple design that is perfect for the workplace. Patterned like a sunflower with alternate petals embedded with diamonds, the Amanie Pendant would make you appear trendy and Van Goghish.

Buy Women's Gold Pendants Online at Affordable Rates

Our women’s gold pendants’ prices depend upon the size, carat and design details. From the expensive solitaires to the elegant but affordable white gold pendants, we have pieces that fit your budget.

The BlueStone pendants are the ideal choice for yourself or a loved one. You can gift it to them for a special occasion or just like that to show your love, appreciation and regard.

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