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Whenever we try to find the origin of rings, there are many references and it becomes a bit difficult to ascertain which is to be believed. However, most of the sources agree that origin lies in middle east without an affirmative answer specifying any country or region.

Some believe that the ring symbolizes an act of ownership. It was however not small enough to be worn on fingers but around the waist or was supposed to be a part of a bracelet. This give rise to the next inquisitive question about origin of bracelets; but that’s a different topic altogether and is a chicken and egg story.

What comes to mind!

Whenever we talk about ‘rings’, the only thing that comes to one’s mind is engagement ring or wedding ring situations because that’s what see in the movies or daily soaps.

There are excerpts from history that these were first used as ornaments by the Egyptians.

Fast forward to the modern era, our first impression of someone wearing a ring is that he/she is ‘Engaged’ or ‘Married’. That’s the impact rings have on our lives!

When it comes to ‘Engagement’ or ‘Marriage’, both men and women exchange rings. Women and jewellery are in a way referred together; men on the contrary, are not. But one jewellery piece that men do wear unanimously is rings.

As men are not symbolised with jewellery, men’s ring designs are also unique and not-too-complicated like that women’s rings. Pardon me, ladies, no offence meant!

Most of men’s rings are simpler in design with comparatively lesser width if compared to their counterparts, and also not found in designs with multi-coloured stones. This doesn’t imply that the craftsmanship required to make men’s ring is lesser; in fact it’s the same. The trick lies in giving as many variations as you can within that small margin of keeping it simple.

Right from plain rings to rings with diamond studded into it, either of the same color throughout the circumference or only on one part representing face of the ring, men’s ring designs do have subtle variations. It is difficult to imagine the amount of creativity that the craftsmen have to put into this little piece of jewellery, so as to make every piece look different than the other. Now, that’s what we call artistry, don’t we?

It’s a wrong belief that you get better designs only when you spend more! Amongst everything that is considered inside the big word ‘jewellery’, probably ‘ring’ is the only thing which has the maximum range in terms of budget. One can find men’s ring price fluctuate from a few thousands of rupees to few lakhs, with the world of possibilities in terms of design. And with the inception of online shopping, the options have only increased exponentially.

Online jewellery shopping and BlueStone

It is a myth, that the quality is compromised when it comes to buying jewellery online. We, at BlueStone, believe in providing our customers with everything the same way as it looks on our portal. After all, customers with happy faces is all we want.

If you are looking to buy men's rings online and don’t want to compromise on the design aspect, then BlueStone should be your one-stop destination. From plain gold rings to white-plated gold rings and from diamond-studded rings to platinum rings, you name it and we have it!

Visit our portal and buy men’s ring designs for that X factor you want to highlight about yourself which people never knew you had. After all creativity and design are what reflects about you!

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