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Are you tired of wearing conventional studs, jhumkas, hoops, and drops every time you go for a party or social gathering? Well, here is something you can try for a change – the quintessentially Indian Sui Dhaga earrings. With their novel patterns, unique features, and amazing design options, Sui Dhaga earrings are taking the jewellery industry across the globe by storm. This type of earrings is a bold blend of tradition and innovation. Unsurprisingly, they are becoming increasingly popular with women who want to add a splash of tradition to their jewellery collection.

Sui Dhaga earrings: The name says it all

Does the name ‘Sui Dhaga’ sound a bit intriguing and hugely familiar to you? Doubt not, this name is derived from the Hindi words ‘sui’ and ‘dhaga’, the former meaning needle and the latter meaning thread. Quite true to its name, a Sui Dhaga earring resembles a needle and a thread. Most of the design work is done on the thread-like chains which dangle down the ear holes. This type of earrings, also known as suspension ear threaders, makes room for an exciting variety of design themes, from floral and swirls to geometric and contemporary. Sui Dhaga earring designs are constantly being updated to match the changing trends in the jewellery industry.

Sui Dhaga earring designs: Spectacularly oversized

Those who think earrings should be small and simple haven’t seen Sui Dhaga earring designs yet! The elegance and charm of these earrings come from their sheer size and length which also allow jewellers to experiment more on design elements. Sui Dhaga earrings are typically about three to five inches in length, but they are not heavy on your ears at all. They are relatively lightweight and dangle down your ears smoothly and effortlessly like a fountain of gold. For those with multiple ear piercings, this type of earrings is the best bet to look gorgeous. Team it with your favourite designer saree or Anarkali outfit and you are all set to grab glances of admiration from the crowd. Though traditionally Indian in its crafting, the Sui Dhaga design goes equally well with western and modern outfits.

Thanks to BlueStone, you can now buy Sui Dhaga earrings online without having to step out of the comfort of your home. Our collections under this category are sure to take your breath away with their design ingenuity and innovation. The Alisha Sui Dhaga earrings, the Khushi Sui Dhaga earrings, and the Flare Folklore earrings are some of our finest interpretations of the traditional jhumka designs. For those who fancy floral earring designs, we have an impressive range of pieces including the Tiya Sui Dhaga earrings and the Pihu Sui Dhaga earrings.

Our mind-blowing display of dangling earrings doesn’t end there. We are committed to make you feel spoilt for choice with our diamond-dotted Sui Dhaga collection that include the Leaves of Joy earrings, the Trailing Paisley earrings, and the Joyous Heart Drop earrings. Our Leaflet Bloom earrings and Pleasing Petiole earrings will win your heart with the beauty of the blue topaz and diamonds etched on them. For the lovers of pearl, we have our specially crafted collection including the Enticing Flourish earrings and the Pratibha Drop earrings. At BlueStone, the Sui Dhaga earrings price is quite affordable and we have special offers running on selected pieces.

One of the most appealing features of Sui Dhaga earrings is that they come in both minimalist and intricate patterns. You can buy Sui Dhaga earrings online based on your choice of style and match them with an outfit that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. A carefully crafted trailing earring is a sight in itself and a welcoming change for those who want to break away from worn-out patterns and styles.

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