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Heart Pendant Designs: When Love Speaks through Symbols

Love doesn’t always need a language and it often speaks through signs and symbols. The most common symbol used to represent love universally is the heart shape. It is recognised across the world as a mark of love, especially but not exclusively romantic love. It is no surprise, therefore, that people often look for heart-shaped things as gifts for their loved ones and express the deepest of their feelings through such gifts. Over the past few centuries, this popular symbol of love was extensively used by many industries to manufacture and market their products. The astonishing range of heart pendant designs available in gold and other precious metals would tell us that the jewellery industry was not an exception to this trend.

Origins of the heart theme and heart pendant designs

The history of the heart theme can be traced back to the end of the Middle Age and the earliest visual representation of heart as a metaphor for romantic love can be found in a thirteenth-century manuscript. The late medieval period saw the emergence of heart-shaped rings and brooches which often had short love poems inscribed inside them. In the era of courtly love, such pieces were exchanged between knights and damsels as a token of their everlasting love.

By the turn of the eighteenth century, double heart jewellery that indicated the committed relationship of the wearer became a fashionable thing. Heart-themed jewellery, especially pendants, gained wide popularity in many parts of Europe during the Victorian period and the advent of Valentine’s Day added to its fervour. Today, heart pendant designs, ring designs, earring designs, etc. are an integral part of jewellery stores and people buy and exchange such ornaments as a celebration of their love.

Buy heart pendants online: Make your love known

Those who think the heart shape doesn’t allow for design innovations are clearly in for a surprise. Just browse through some of the jewellery collections online and you will be amazed to see the ways designers experiment with this modest motif. From simple designs in gold to exquisite jewellery studded with diamonds and other precious stones, the range of options available online will leave you at loss for words. Another popular design type in this motif is the dual heart pendant, typically worn by engaged or married women. When you buy heart pendants online, you get to choose from an exciting range and can grab attractive offers and great deals too.

Heart pendant designs at BlueStone: Celebrate your love

At BlueStone, we have an amazing array of  in gold, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold heart pendant designs. The Joran Pendant, the Blissful Love Pendant, and the Glitterati of Love are some of the design wonders we crafted in white gold. The high-demand items in two-tone gold include the Nova Pendant, the Heart Yonder Pendant, and the Amorette Pendant. Our dual heart patterns including the Entwined in Love Pendant and the Art of Love Pendant are ideal gifts a man can give to the love of his life. The openable type pendants such as the Season of Love Openable Pendant are also extremely popular with many BlueStone customers.

Studded love stories: Buy Heart pendant designs with stones

The beauty and appeal of heart pendant designs are enhanced when they are studded with diamonds, garnets, rubies, emeralds, and other precious and semi-precious stones. Those who want to make a sparkling love statement can choose from BlueStone’S diamond heart pendant collection that includes the Heartfelt Love Pendant and the Glitzy Love Pendant. Our precious stone collection will enchant you with some of the most coveted pieces like the Samorn Pendant (tanzanite and diamond), the Mirella Pendant (blue topaz and diamond), and the Olphia Pendant (ruby and diamond). Typically, our heart pendants’ prices depend on the metal, caratage, type of stones, and the number of stones.

Beyond romantic love: Buy heart pendant designs for mothers and kids

Love is not just about romantic love and that is why BlueStone has come up with exclusive designs for mothers and kids. If you are planning to surprise your mother with a glittering gift, consider buying the Darling Mom Pendant or the Motherly Love Pendant from our collection. The Elsa Heart Pendant for Kids and the Truest Heart Pendant for Kids are handcrafted for your little ones. Finally, are you a single woman who wants to indulge in a small dose of self-love? You will not be disappointed as BlueStone has a great display of simple yet elegant heart pendant designs you can wear to your workplace or at social gatherings.

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