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Heart Gold Pendants

Express Your Love with Gold Heart Pendants

Heart pendants are not a new concept in the world of jewellery and yet their novelty simply refuses to wear off. For a long time now, the heart shape has gained popularity as a symbolism of love. More often than not, heart-shaped gifts are the preferred choice of people to express their romantic feelings to their beloved one. Taking a cue from this, the jewellery industry took to shaping heart-shaped jewellery using various previous metals. Of all the different types of heart jewellery, pendants are the most popular.

You ask why?

They are beautiful. They are loved by all. And above all, they remain close to your heart when worn. It’s not a surprise then that gold heart pendant designs began ruling the hearts of lovers in general and jewellery lovers in particular. Take our collection, for instance. The glitter of gold together with dazzling heart shape stones will have even the fuzziest of buyers bowled over. Are you ready to explore?

The History of the Heart Motif

Going by its popularity, you might think that the heart has always been the universal symbol of love, especially romantic love. Well, you are in for a surprise. It was only towards the end of the Middles Ages that the heart shape was first used to signify romantic love. The earliest portrayal of this shape as a romantic symbol can be traced back to a thirteenth-century manuscript. By the sixteenth century, it became popular as a motif for everything associated with love and affection. It was during this time the heart symbol made its first appearance in jewellery.

The earliest known heart-themed jewels were in the form of rings and brooches. These jewels were often inscribed with sayings of love. It was the era of courtly love and knights and damsels exchanged such jewels to express their undying love for each other. The eighteenth century saw the rise of the double heart as a symbol of commitment in a relationship. But it was during the Victorian era that heart-shaped jewellery became widely popular. Till date, this motif remains one of the most popular jewellery trends.

Everything You Should Know About the Heart Cut

There is no denying that heart-shaped jewels are an epitome of love. If you are thinking of buying one for your beloved, why not go for one that features heart-shaped gemstones, like the ones you see in our collection? With a little care, you can select the best gold heart pendants, rings, and earrings.

The heart-shaped cut is basically a pear-shaped cut that has a cleft at the top. The 59 standard facets lend it a superb sparkle. While selecting a good heart-shaped gemstone, look for a piece where the two halves are perfectly equal. The cleft must be distinct and sharp. The length-to-width ratio should ideally range from 1:1 to 1:1.2. It is also important that you opt for a gemstone that has no visible inclusions.

When Two Hearts Speak: Heart Pendants as Gifts

It goes without saying that the heart is recognised as the universal symbol of love. As a token of romantic love, this jewel has no parallel. But it also makes an ideal gift to represent affection, devotion, and friendship. So, are you looking for a gift for a loved one? When you want to speak your heart out, is there a better choice than a heart-shaped pendant? We didn’t think so.

Check out our Samorn Pendant. Made of 18kt gold, this piece features a heart-shaped tanzanite which is further encircled by a heart-shaped halo of 22 diamonds. The sparkle of tanzanite and diamonds will leave you awestruck.

And the best part?

You don’t have to worry about choosing the right size because pendants are one-size-fits all jewellery. And that’s one advantage pendants have over rings and bangles. Whatever be the occasion, you can never go wrong with hearts and pendants. So, buy gold heart pendant designs online and celebrate your love with much ado.

A Colourful Range to Up Your Bling Quotient

If you think heart pendant designs can offer no variety, you are in for a big surprise. BlueStone’s gold heart pendant collection brings to you an amazing range of designs. This collection is a reflection of the supreme craftsmanship of our designers. Each piece is an artwork designed in gold and colourful gemstones.

So, what colour is your heart?

Take a look at our Blushing Heart Pendant, for instance. It has a large heart-shaped pink tourmaline set in 18k gold. The two emerald leaves give it a unique look. The fine combination of pink, green, and yellow make it a marvellous piece, isn’t it?

Want something more gorgeous?

With designs like the Veidah Pendant, you won’t be short of shine and glamour at any point. The arresting combination of diamonds and garnet is sure to make heads turn. We know that you would want nothing short of the best when it comes to a gift of love. So, we have only the highest quality of gold and gemstones in this special collection.

Celebrate Your Love with Our New Designs in Gold Heart Pendants

Whether you want something simple or extremely stylish, we have you covered. Our trendy gold heart pendants online are a celebration of brilliant designs. For instance, the stunning Carysa Pendant is a showstopper in its own right. The dual-tone gold is set against the sheen of a big peridot and a shiny diamond. Don’t you think this pendant is the perfect accessory for an evening date? The Hearty Love Pendant is another piece that you must check out when browsing through this collection.

When you buy gold heart pendant designs from BlueStone, you will be spoilt for choices. Trust us, it will be hard for you to select from our exciting range of colourful pendants. Pieces like the Amarela Pendant and the Escencia Pendant are cases in point. Their vibrant colours can make anyone go weak in the knees.

We are sure you would be delighted to browse through this collection and make your pick. The fact that we have kept our gold heart pendant prices competitive will make you smile broader. So, come and fall in love with our exceptional gold heart pendants. Whether it is to share a piece of your heart with a loved one or to cheer up your heart, this collection is just what you need.

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