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Gift Rings: Jewellery That Makes You Find Reasons to Celebrate

There is nothing like the feeling of getting a gift. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is for a special occasion or not. The act of giving a gift makes it special. Doesn’t the mystery of what is inside a perfectly wrapped box take your excitement to a whole new level? It sure does! There is hardly anything more precious than gifting jewellery to a loved one. And brilliant gift ideas almost always have rings in them. They are discreet yet obvious in the charm they lend to the wearer. At BlueStone, we have curated an assortment of stunning gift ring designs you will love. Explore our special gift rings collection now.

Buy Gift Ring Designs Online and Celebrate Love

What’s the best way to celebrate love? With a ring, we say! Take a look the Letizia Ring. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift ring that spells love. When choosing a gift for your wife, you could also choose a heart-shaped ring, such as the Affairs of Heart Ring or the Lovers hearts Rings. The beauty of these rings is sure to make any woman’s heart skip a beat.

We have exclusive designs which you can buy for your men too. For a man who likes to keep things simple and classic, what’s more suitable than a plain gold band like our True Love Band for Him? For a man who likes a little twinkle, you could choose single stone rings like the Texere Ring. Does your man like diamonds as much as you do? Get him the Antoine Ring for Him. This ring has a version for women too and together, they make a drool-worthy couple band.

Love doesn’t always mean romantic love. How about telling your mom how much you love her? Choose our Ema Ring. This 18kt gold ring is a calligraphic expression of the word ‘mom’. It is studded with 29 shining diamonds. A sparkling ring for your super start mother, isn’t it wonderful?

Choose Your Gold, Choose Your Colours

All the rings in our collection are made using the highest quality gold. There are plain gold rings featuring a variety of gorgeous designs, like the Soulmate Ring for Her. And there are rings studded with sparkling gemstones. You will find diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and many more precious stones that add a hint of colour to our collection. The Nabha Ring is a true treat for diamond lovers for it comes studded with 51 tiny diamonds on its gold body. How can this classic combination of gold and diamonds ever go wrong! Fancy adding some colours to this mix? Go for the blue sapphire-studded Excellence Ring or iolite-studded Myrah Ring.

That’s not all. Our new designs in gift rings are designed in white gold and rose gold to take your breath away. The Proud as a Peacock Ring is one of the bestsellers in our white gold collection. In rose gold, we have charming pieces like the Exquisite Tulip Ring. No wonder why they appeal to everyone who loves gold jewellery. You might want to create an occasion just to lay your hands on them!

Engagement Gift Rings Translate to Timeless Pieces of Jewellery

There is a special assortment of rings in our collection that make great engagement gifts. The Antonio Ring for Her is every woman’s dream ring. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a sparkling white diamond. This solitaire is an example of great craftsmanship. It features a fluidic design that’s easy on the eyes and looks charming too.

The Euphoria Band is another ring for men that every fashion conscious man will love. It is made of 18kt white gold and studded with multiple white diamonds that will glitter their way into your man’s heart. If you’re looking for a stunning white gold ring for women, then the Crowned Ring is the one. Its 18kt white gold frame is a resting place for the best diamonds in the world! Buy gift ring designs at BlueStone to make your engagement super special.

Make Every Birthday More Memorable with Lovely Gift Rings

Birthdays are special no matter how old you get. To make a birthday more special for your loved ones, give them a gift ring. Among the trendy gift rings online at BlueStone is the gorgeous Trion Ring. It is made of 18kt gold. Multiple clusters of white diamonds complement its lovely design. It’s a classic example of symmetry.

The Kyna Ring for Her is a piece of art. A bright white diamond adorns its intricately carved silhouette. The Twin Wingflow Ring is a creation you can’t ignore. Its simple design is created using 18kt gold. It features two white diamonds that add to its glow. When diamonds and gold come together, birthdays become all the more sparkling, aren’t they?

Celebrate a Precious Milestone with Anniversary Gift Rings

If you are looking for a special ring to celebrate your anniversary, you are in for a treat. We have just the right pieces for every milestone in your life. The Florine Cocktail Ring is a golden bouquet of sparkles. It is made of 18kt gold and studded with multiple diamonds. The Solaris Ring will shine the sun on your lady love’s finger. It is made of 18kt gold. It features an oval citrine in the centre. Multiple white diamonds surround the central stone. Add a hint of colour in your loved one’s life with the Silene Ring. It is crafted from 18kt white gold. It features white diamonds that complement the precious metal. The pink sapphire in the centre gives it a brilliant contrast.

You will find some of the best gift rings you have ever seen only at BlueStone. No matter which ring you choose, they are all special. And they come with a competitive price tag. Our attractive gift ring price is our gift to the jewellery lover in you.

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